Celebrating our Three Year Anniversary in Quarantine

Hi friends, welcome back! This past weekend Jon and I celebrated our three-year anniversary in quarantine together, in an anniversary to remember. Our prior anniversaries have always been somewhat extravagant – on our first anniversary I moved to NYC and for our second anniversary we explored Scotland, but this year was very different. I hadn’t planned much for our anniversary because I thought we would be heading back to Michigan to prepare for the wedding, I never thought we would be stuck in quarantine, but we still made it special!


Our anniversary is May 29th, and this year it ended up being on a Friday. We both worked and then afterwards, we exchanged cards and gifts. We both got each other apartment decoration related items, that must mean we are adults ha! Afterwards, we strolled through Battery Park to get some fresh air. It was a gorgeous day, almost 80* and not a cloud in the sky, so refreshing!


For our anniversary dinner, I found this salmon recipe with dill sauce, so we decided to give it a shot. The dill sauce was so delicious we ended up making it again Sunday – it’s incredibly versatile and perfect with any meat. We also made some naan bread to dip in the dill sauce and it was the perfect combo!


We ended the night watching Shrek 2 (sentimental to us) with a big scoop of cookie dough ice cream and heath bar bits.


Our actual anniversary wasn’t super eventful this year, so I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share some of my favorite memories together over the past year 🙂

Spent Fourth of July in Michigan and drove all the way back to NYC after our flight home got cancelled.


Experienced my first Yankees Game together.


We ate a lot of delicious pizza – our favorite so far is Prince Street Pizza

Spent my birthday weekend in Michigan golfing and attending a wedding in Traverse City.

Saw Frozen on Broadway


Explored Governor’s Island


Spent Labor Day in Atlanta


Hiked Breakneck Ridge rated 10/10 for difficulty – the ice cream afterwards was very deserved!


Fell in love with Manchester, VT – this was my favorite memory together the last year. I loved being in this small town, hiking, and eating cider and donuts.


Spent a weekend in the windy city for a friend’s wedding and indulged in some Chicago style pizza.


Taking our Engagement Pictures

View More: https://aubreygracephoto.pass.us/alyssa_jon_engagementView More: https://aubreygracephoto.pass.us/alyssa_jon_engagementView More: https://aubreygracephoto.pass.us/alyssa_jon_engagement

Spending Thanksgiving with my family


Seeing all the Christmas Trees in NYC


Christmas 2019


Spending the morning at Starbuck’s Reserve & starting a tradition of going out for coffee on Saturday mornings

Trying out new ice cream shops – Big Gay Ice Cream and Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Seeing Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

Spending Valentine’s Day at the Met


Spending a long weekend in Miami relaxing and soaking up the sun

Quarantining together


This next year is exciting because we’re getting married May 22nd and then hopefully heading off to Italy for our honeymoon #fingerscrossed. Cheers to all the adventures ahead!

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