Fourth of July in Michigan 2019

Hi friends, I hope you had a great holiday weekend! I spent my Fourth of July in Michigan and had the best time! Jon and I had an easy flight Wednesday night, we got to the airport in record time too.373CDB5C-FAF0-4B66-9D9B-1DBDE9ECFAB4

On Thursday, the actual Fourth of July, we headed to my cottage and it was the perfect day! There was hardly a cloud in the sky and it was  warm with a breeze, perfect boating weather. We went on the speed boat and a pontoon ride and I was so happy to be back on the lake again with my family.3F5E3383-35D9-4FD9-8899-50821FF640CBrLznFTRVTJqh2lRyPv8eeQYXET4LBJT6OvUpnMbiAHmQGMSGOxJwRyurlcFLgnw9eQHrrzCi6TSJ2JpoBYYEoyDQ2ogFM0D+Sb2txdw9pMzL2Am4qxq9uDTdmGDJy2qEPNjQ

The following day I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and sisters and it was so great having them there. They all had a different thing to say about each dress, so it was very helpful. We all loved the dress I picked, and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in it! I have so many pictures of the dress, but I’m going to let it be a surprise 🙂 There were about 8 dresses that I tried and then I knew it was the one, I didn’t go to my second appointment because I knew.1CDB3E09-E2ED-4A0F-8759-8C94928422CBPPe6wDguThSp37dyN67Fmg

We celebrated at Barrio’s afterwards with some yummy margaritas. I was on cloud nine and couldn’t stop looking at pictures of my dress.E5ePnTm1R2e73IY1oiEoCQ.jpg

We all headed back to the lake for a moonlight cruise.Ued4lwAVTkCyJFkOVuW5ZAZNLs3iPaRuujyF2Vqu2%KwAHsqGIEjSv+moBCkYp1jfA6wvz9u8oQwq+JGiCT37t8g

Saturday was such a fun day! My family always has people out to the lake for the annual firework show. This year we had my grandma, Aunt Rita, Uncle Craig, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Jerry, my cousin Brennan, and my sister’s boyfriend and his parents.++7ADczmQLOAUt06tlk08wollp6JqZRYeJMnDfRd+r6g

There was a lot of volleyball and corn holes played and we had to jump in the lake to cool off! Surprisingly the water was so warm. Normally I jump in and it’s a wee bit chilly. We had an intense water balloon fight with the neighbors and it was so fun! Some people were savages and really threw the balloons with all their might.IMG_4441IMG_4442

The grill master! We had a delicious dinner, I was stuffed!!


My Aunt Shirley’s famous chocolate cake and apple pie 🙂


We ended the night with a firework show that we all enjoyed, some years it’s been just ok, but this year had the best finale. It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without a firework show.yPsU4jESTDOT3V6SpUVpWAoyd72fY4SKOb%iWz631rLw

Unfortunately, Jon and I’s flight back home to Michigan was unexpectedly cancelled and there weren’t other flights, so we had to rent a car and drive back. Not the best way to end our vacation, but we made it home safe. I think after that drive I need a vacation from my vacation!

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