Bleecker Street Pizza – The Best Pizza in NYC?

This weekend Jon and I went to Bleecker Street Pizza to see what all the hype was about because it’s one of the most famous pizzerias’ in NYC. It’s a walk-in shop where you can order by the slice or a whole pizza. Bleecker Street has been voted NYC’s best pizza for the past three years and was the number two pizza in the country behind Regina Pizzeria in Boston. Jon and I actually went to Regina’s and think that Bleecker Street was better.O+Y%el8iSY+AFwt97M0b0gYbR+H0U5Rk+n07MTO0w+cgfullsizeoutput_1b95fullsizeoutput_1b96fullsizeoutput_1bb1

We went around 5pm on a Saturday and it wasn’t very busy, which we were very happy about because we were HUNGRY! The most famous slice is called the Nonna Maria and we both agreed that this was our favorite! It’s a classic cheese pizza with mozzarella, marinara sauce, basil and parmesan, but the crust has the perfect crunch to it. It also wasn’t very greasy which is a bonus!


Jon also got the Sicilian and he said it tasted very similar to the Nonna Maria.


We were both still hungry so we tried the Buffalo Chicken and the house special. The Buffalo Chicken was pretty spicy, we thought it would be fun to try because it’s not something we would usually order. This was our least favorite that we tried, but still good.fullsizeoutput_1baefullsizeoutput_1baf

The house special had fried chicken and bacon with a little bit of ranch. It tasted a little sweet, the complete opposite of the buffalo chicken pizza. This was our second favorite of the day.fullsizeoutput_1ba7.jpeg

We walked around a bit afterwards and found a cute little park to rest in. We were both very full and happy! It was the best pizza we’ve had in a while and a great little date. I must say, I do like Chicago style pizza the best. If you’re in NYC and looking for a quick bite, definitely check out Bleecker Street Pizza, we both highly recommend it.


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