Sailing Away on the Hudson River

Hi friends! I hope you all survived the heat wave! Luckily Jon and I got home early from work on Friday and didn’t get affected by the subway outage. We ventured out a little over the weekend so we wouldn’t go stir-crazy so it wasn’t too bad. We managed to celebrate National Ice Cream Day 🙂fullsizeoutput_1c2d

Last week I had an outing with my office to sail on the Hudson River and it was a blast! I was so excited to get out of the office and get some sun. It was a pretty hot day, but the breeze on the boat felt great. Our boat was the Manhattan II and it was a beautiful sailboat. I didn’t venture inside, but the deck was nice with plenty of seating. The sails provided quite a bit of shade, but I had tons of sunblock to keep me safe.fullsizeoutput_1c18

We boarded the boat at Chelsea Piers and cruised on the Hudson River south towards the Statue of Liberty. This skyline is Hudson Yards where Jon and I previously lived. He worked in the building with the white triangle on top. To the very right of the picture is the Empire State Building.fullsizeoutput_1c19

My absolute favorite building is the Freedom Tower. It’s so close to where we live so I can see it all the time.fullsizeoutput_1c1cfullsizeoutput_1c1d


The wind was no joke!


We got very close to the Statue of Liberty! We cruised around in circles for a bit and then headed back. It was the perfect weather and day out of the office. I’d highly recommend taking a boat tour to get an amazing view of the NYC skyline.

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