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Hi friends, welcome back, I hope you aren’t hungry! This summer, Montagu’s Gusto reached out to me on Instagram and invited me to check out their deli. I of course said yes after scrolling through their mouthwatering feed. On an extremely hot Tuesday, I hopped on the 4 train and headed uptown to Grand Central. From there I walked south to their Murray Hill location on 35th and 2nd Avenue.

The owner, Andres, told me a little history about the deli and pointed out his favorite sandwiches. Montagu’s offers quite a variety with over forty specialty sandwiches to choose from.

While all the sandwiches sounded delicious, my heart was set on picking the Frank Sinatra Style and Habana Cuba.

G5. FRANK SINATRA’S STYLE – Hot Soppressata, Mortadella, Salami with Pecorino Romano, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Oil Vinegar on Sullivan Street Ciabatta Hero. I weighed this sandwich when I got home and it weighed over TWO POUNDS!

G6. HABANA CUBA – Confited Pork Shoulder, Boiled Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mayo-Mustard on Pressed Sullivan Street Ciabatta Hero. This sandwich was our favorite of the two and it tasted heavenly! The cheese pull made for some excellent pictures!

In addition to satiating sandwiches, Montagu’s offers fresh salads and smoothies. I’m glad I tried the Berry Nice smoothie, it tasted incredibly refreshing on the oppressively hot NYC summer day.

Besides stopping into the deli, you can order online through Grubhub or have them cater your events or businesses. Each sandwich costs less than $15, and as you can see, they will not leave you wanting. These sandwiches were packed with cheese, meat, and flavor! Half of each sandwich was more than enough food for me, so you could easily make two meals out of each sandwich. I’d highly recommend checking out Montagu’s Gusto, your wallet and belly will thank you!

24 thoughts on “Montagu’s Gusto – Delicious NYC Deli

    1. It’s definitely a challenge but I brought it home so I didn’t have to attempt eating it in public 😂

  1. Hey Lissy! We ate in Brooklyn at Seamore’s, near DUMBO, today and I highly suggest it! After a great walking tour it was so good!

    1. Oooh thanks for the rec!! I have seen Seamores, I’ll have to try it! A walking tour sounds so fun, hope you’re having an amazing time so far!

  2. OMG these look delicious! Definitely want to try it out now. And I love the photos you incorporated into the post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a wondrous menu! Looks delicious in every respect. I got stuck on “Gusto” because of the Spanish “mucho gusto” (pleasure). But put it all together and “Montagu’s Gusto” sounds like a place for pirates 🙂

    1. Very delicious! The name was hard for me to remember I wanted to call it montagustos 😂 it does sound like a place for pirates!

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