Cider Mill Hopping

Hi friends, welcome back! I absolutely love going to a cider mill in the fall, but sadly, NYC doesn’t have any farms or cider mills. Jon and I recently went to Philadelphia for the weekend, and it provided the perfect opportunity to check out two cider mills along the way. Both Jon and I were very excited to get in our cider and donut fill and cross off another item on my Fall Bucket List!

The first cider mill we checked out was Springdale Farm Market in Cherry Hill, NJ about an hour and a half from NYC, and twenty-five minutes from our Airbnb. We pulled into the parking lot and it looked more like a store than a cider mill that we’re accustomed to. We walked inside and saw lots of cute fall garden decorations, pumpkins, and then a separate area for a mini grocery store. The inside looked very eclectic and festive.

Jon and I grabbed a half dozen donuts, but they only sold cider in half gallons, so we held off. We sat outside at a picnic table overlooking a small harvested field. Springdale Farm Market usually creates a large corn maze, but they didn’t do it this year due to uncertainty. Maybe we came on an off year, but this wasn’t quite the cider mill experience we were looking forward to, but we certainly enjoyed the donuts.

On our way back to the city we had time to spare, so we stopped at Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ located about forty-five minutes from Philly and an hour and a half from NYC. Finally, the cider mill experience we hoped for!

Jon and I grabbed some donuts and a small cider and sat outside the corn maze entrance. Ah finally enjoying the sweet taste of cider!

Afterwards, we walked through the corn maze, but on a scale of 1 to 10, it ranked about a 1.1 difficulty and took us about six minutes…

Next, we checked out the pumpkin patch, a little winery area, and walked through a sunflower field.

Terhune Orchards also has walking trails, apple picking, a petting farm, children’s garden, kids tractors, and a winery. I’d recommend checking out this cider mill, it checks all the cider mill boxes on my list. We went on a Monday so it wasn’t crowded but I imagine the weekends are packed. After this weekend, Jon and I definitely had our fill of cider mill donuts and I can happily not eat another until next fall ha!

15 thoughts on “Cider Mill Hopping

  1. Love the lead photo and I can’t decide which is “oranger”, the donut or the pumpkins. No matter. All this photo needs is a cup of cider and it’d be like your entire post was captured in a single image!

  2. Glad you found a good cider mill and donuts too. We have cider distillery up here that will collect all unwanted fruit from backyard trees and turn it into hard cider, giving a share back to the fruit donor. As to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, they abound out here, but the best ones seem to be in the Atlantic provinces and B.C. Our fall has been warm so far, but a bit cooler today. Thanks for sharing and stay well Lyssy. Allan

    1. That sounds awesome, I wonder if upstate New York has something like that. Our fall has been warm, the last two days felt pretty chilly, makes me not look forward to the cold winter. Stay well too Allan 😃

  3. Loving all the colours here Lyssy. I would do pretty much anything for a box of apple cider donuts as I settle down to my morning coffee here in Montenegro. Hope you are both well and continue to enjoy the autumn. Oh, sorry I mean “fall” 😉

    1. We have a. few left, if only I could send you one, they’d be prefect with your coffee! Sounds like an amazing place for coffee 🙂 It is finally feeling like fall here, a bit chilly! Two more weeks until I turn our apartment into the North Pole ha!

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