Prince Street Pizza NYC

There are a few pizza slices you must try in NYC and Prince Street Pizza is among the top of the list. Jon and I stumbled upon it when we went to get gelato in Little Italy, and boy are we glad we did! We were looking at a map of how to get on the subway home and saw the rave reviews of Prince Street Pizza. We knew we had to go because It was only a few blocks away but when we got there, the line was LONG! We figured it was the perfect day out so why not wait, and the line moved pretty quickly.fullsizeoutput_1d92fullsizeoutput_1d80

You know it’s good if there’s a line this long!

Once we got inside we could see all of the celeb pictures at Prince Street on the wall. I saw Joe Jonas, Liam Hemsworth, Kate Hudson, Stephen Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, and countless others. The inside had a little counter you could eat at, but most people took the pizza to go.fullsizeoutput_1d81fullsizeoutput_1d66


Jon and I both got the pepperoni slices and it looked so good! We walked to a little park we had seen on our way over and it was the perfect place to eat, our only mistake was not grabbing napkins because it was very greasy/oily.


Big smiles and full bellies!

The pizza was delicious!! We both actually liked it better than Bleecker Street Pizza. It had the perfect amount of cheese and the pepperoni had just a little bit of spiciness to it.


I loved this little park just as much as the pizza!


The pizza was definitely worth the wait! I’d highly recommend going if you are in the city and looking for pizza. We didn’t try any of the other flavors because we had gelato right before, but I bet they’re just as tasty!

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