Dining At Stella 34 Trattoria in Macy’s

Hi friends, welcome back! The other week I was invited to dine at the restaurant Stella 34 Trattoria on the sixth floor of the famous Macy’s on 34th Street. Jon and I hadn’t had Italian food since early summer when we dined at Gelso & Grand, so we were very excited for this dinner. Stella 34 Trattoria’s menu features Italian food and pizza made on their three wood fire burning ovens. I felt like a celebrity because we got a special table with a view of the Empire State Building and Bank of America Building, prime seating! I loved staring out at the views throughout our delicious meal.

To start, I ordered the Harvest Sangria and Jon chose the Lampone Mule. Both tasted delicious and we clinked our glasses to a fun evening at Macy’s! When we went, they had begun decorating for Christmas so that put me in an even better mood 🙂

For an appetizer, we ordered the veal meatballs and they also brought us an order of garlic bread. Both tasted delicious and I’d recommend them both as starters!

Next out came the Diavola Pizza that tasted so yummy with a hint of spice.

The Paccheri (neapolitan beef ragu, and parmigiano) was our favorite dish of the night, it tasted incredible! We loved it so much we’ve been trying to recreate it ourselves.

The Lasagna Bolognese (bolognese sauce, béchamel, stracchino, and fontina) also tasted great, especially with the toasted cheese on top. A solid runner up in the rankings.

Macy’s also surprised us and brought out a Pumpkin Pizza (pumpkin, stracchino, pistachio, balsamic, and sage). I was originally a little unsure of this, but it was my favorite of the two and I really loved the taste. It was a bit sweet from the balsamic, and the pumpkin didn’t have an overwhelming taste.

Look at this spread!! We brought home about half the pizza and garlic bread to have for dinner the following night.

Jon and I were both stuffed, but we always leave room for dessert. They brought us a Tiramisu and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Both tasted so rich and delicious, the perfect way to end our meal!

The menus:

So happy and full 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and our whole experience dining here! Stella 34 Trattoria would be a perfect stop to watch the Thanksgiving parade or to take a break after some Christmas shopping and seeing the tree at Bryant Park just a few blocks away. What dish looked the best to you?

27 thoughts on “Dining At Stella 34 Trattoria in Macy’s

    1. I usually only go around Christmas, that area is too chaotic for me 😂 luckily the subway is right across the street

  1. Again, I wish I could reach through the screen and eat all the food. Everything looks incredible… the lasagna, pizza, pasta, tiramisu…oh man. Very hungry now lol

    1. Haha I wish I could virtually send you a little bit of each! I forgot to put my disclaimer the post may cause hunger ha!

  2. Pricey to me, but maybe that’s just NYC (or Fifth Avenue). The pizzas look wonderful but I second your choices: the Paccheri and the lasagna. Italian dishes make for great photographs!

    1. I’d say the prices are pretty typical to NYC and somehow we’ve gotten used to it. Although I found a place the other day and Jon couldn’t believe a burger was $25 ha. Italian dishes are so photogenic!

    1. It is great! Macy’s is one of the last few remaining it seems that’s not crazy expensive. I always make sure to visit Santaland every Christmas, otherwise I try to avoid the area around MSG, too chaotic for me!

    1. Italian food is always a good idea – and good for a slightly picky eater 😂 we went up the escalator after to go to Santa land but it didn’t feel the same going up there before Halloween ha!

      1. Ha! Thank you! We do call it a sweater 🙂 I think one of my British books used jumper and I was like interesting choice to wear a romper. I’m learning so much haha

      2. I had no idea a jumper was a romper haha! I always chuckle at chips as well because to you guys chips are what we call crisps, and for us chips are what you call fries. Then don’t even get me started that pants over here are definitely NOT trousers lol – they are like speedos! And suspenders here are sexy stockings, not braces (which is what we call them). It’s a minefield…. ha!

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