Foodie Friday November 2021

Hi friends, welcome back to another addition of my monthly series showcasing all my delicious eats during the month. As you know, one of my favorite parts of living in NYC is the abundance of incredible food, and I’ve been on a mission to try all the best places and share my finds along the way. Disclaimer: these posts will cause hunger 🙂 If you want to stay up to date on all the foodie finds, you can follow my food Instagram here.

Our first meal since my last Foodie Friday was dinner at Macy’s Stella 34 Trattoria, everything tasted incredible and you can read all about it here.

I got my first holiday Starbucks cup 🙂 The only thing I ever order at Starbucks is a dark roast or sweet cream vanilla cold brew, I don’t branch out.

Speaking of coffee… the company we get our coffee, Beanbox, has a 12 Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar that we are two days into. The bags are smaller, but the perfect size for Jon and I. We make it as a pour over in our Chemex and love trying out the new coffee flavors. These smaller bags are perfect for us because they stay fresh until we open them. My friend Rachel gave me a gift box last year for my birthday and Jon and I have been hooked on Beanbox ever since!

We tried two different takeout pizzas this month, first was Joe’s Pizza but the crust was a little well done, so we went back with our usual pizza from Little Italy the following week as a redemption.

After exploring all afternoon in Central Park, we stopped at Anita Gelato and had some of the best gelato I’ve had. This is my new favorite ice cream/gelato place in NYC. I went with the Cookieman and Caramel Cheesecake Cookie and Jon got the Cookieman and Mint Chip. This won’t be the last time you see Anita I’m guessing.

I stopped by Chip City after I received the good news of no cavities from my dentist ha! I grabbed a chocolate chip, funfetti, and cookies n’ cream. Chocolate chip was my favorite of the three.

Before I walked the High Line, I stopped by The Doughnut Project and grabbed a Coco Loco and Coffeecake Crumble. The Coco Loco tasted just like the Caramel Delite Samoa Girl Scout cookie, it was DELICIOUS! I had a very difficult time picking out the flavors, everything looked so good! Next time I want to try the Black Gold and Cinnamon Roll.

I had to grab another cronut from Dominique Ansel. The flavor of the month was Green Apple Ganache & Butterscotch Ganache. I don’t love green apple, so this was my least favorite cronut that I’ve tried so far. Next month’s flavor is Gingersnap Cookie Ganache & Sour Cream Ganache and that sounds like it could be my favorite so far.

I was invited to dinner at a new fine dining Italian restaurant called Beppe Trattoria, more to come, but it was the best pork I’ve ever had. This might be the first time I’ve ever raved about pork ha. This was one of the nicest places we’ve eaten out at in NYC besides Crown Shy.

We usually always get takeout before a travel day, so Arbor Bistro Pad Thai and a sushi roll was in order.

When Jon and I came back from NYC we celebrated our six-month anniversary at Maison Pickle and it’s one of the few restaurants we’ve ever needed to bring boxes home from. I’m saving the full restaurant review for another post, but I highly recommend this restaurant! The portions are absolutely massive and the food came so fast. We started with pull apart garlic parmesan bread and it only got better 🙂

Home cooking for the month:

We made this delicious Thai coconut curry ramen from the blogger Damn Delicious, this recipe was quite simple and we both loved it. It’s the perfect cozy, winter meal and was so easy to make! Hers turned out a lot prettier than ours, but it tasted so good!

For Halloween dinner Jon made a chili that could’ve fed ten ha!

He tried his hand at recreating our dish from Macy’s and it tasted delicious!

Jon also made short rib tacos that tasted amazing! He cooked them all day so our apartment smelled wonderful.

The leftovers were used in this yummy pasta dish, how lucky am I? Looks like something served at a restaurant!

Jon loves his enchiladas but he makes empanadas for me because I told him the enchiladas had too much flavor for me, and I’ll never live that comment down ha!

Last but not least, I made these Chewy Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter and Maple from Butternut Bakery and Jon said they were the best cookies he’s ever had! I brought the few leftovers to Michigan with me and everyone agreed they were delicious 🙂 These cookies were so chewy and some of the best consistency of cookies I’ve ever had. While Jon is the chef of the family, I’m the baker. I’ll probably make them again but add some chocolate chips this time. We all agreed they’d be perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

Whew that was a lot of food! What was your favorite dish this month?

15 thoughts on “Foodie Friday November 2021

    1. The coffee advent calendar is a nice treat and good reason to get out of bed on these colder mornings 🙂 Happy Friday!

    1. That sounds yummy! I workout very consistently and walk a lot so that helps haha but I eat healthy during the week usually

    1. It was very good, my only fault was buying the cup of ramen noodles instead of a package so we had to use some regular noodles too haha. He has some great cooking skills and loves doing it! My dad was that way and my mom baked haha

  1. Literally mouthwatering – every single photo makes me want to eat!!! I’ve also had it confirmed next year I’m coming to NYC with work (COVID dependent), so I’ll let you know when and maybe you can take me to one of your favourite eating places for a blogger meet up 🙂

    1. It is a fun surprise! The first day had a chocolate too but there haven’t been any since 😂

  2. I always cave to Starbucks’ Chestnut Praline latte this time of year. Christmas in a cup. Nice holiday cup you got – haven’t seen that one out here. Tough to choose a favorite in your photos, but the Coco Loco looks amazing. Perfect comparison to the G.S. Samoa – looks like a giant-sized one!

    1. I’ll have to try that drink, it sounds perfect for a cold day! The Coco Loco was my favorite of the month too, it was delicious! Also was my first Instagram pic to get over 1,000 likes

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