The Best Coffee Shops in NYC’s Financial Distict

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing all my favorite coffee shops in Lower Manhattan. There’s nothing like some great coffee to start the morning, in fact, it’s my favorite way to start the morning! Jon and I have started a tradition of going out on coffee dates every Saturday morning and we’ve tried about every coffee shop near our apartment in the Financial District/Lower Manhattan. We have a solid list of favorites to share and try out for yourself if you live in NYC or vacationing in the city. Hope you enjoy this list a latte ;)!1DC81610-2BD3-47AB-BE4C-8A95FEE59382

  1. For Five Coffee – this is a chain coffee shop with really cool vibes and a relaxing atmosphere. There are actually two locations in Lower Manhattan but we’ve only been to the one in Brookfield Place. Jon and I both tried “The Louie” which is a cold brew with maple syrup and cream, and it was delicious! We usually order plain cold brew so this was a sweet treat. We have been talking about going back and trying more of the coffees because we liked it so much. You can also find For Five Coffee in Boston, Chicago, LA, DC, and even Athens, Greece!c69yszvWSAyrBCUUEzxXawfg60B3XETXaQYVJt3klk7QjSoZaO7%TSSAaGaoaRlfygiv3mogaXTnyMRp%KcDOFdg
  2. Proof Coffee Roaster – the location in the Financial District has to be one of the smallest coffee shops in the city! There’s only room for one or two customers to be inside, it’s so cute! The cold brew is great here and it’s a little cheaper than other cold brew in the area #doublewin! There are five locations in NY, but they haven’t expanded to other states yet. We’ve been here the most and highly recommend it!iDS6EYxOTpmPf2r6enZ6uA701F0D0F-B668-46DE-8EB2-AD104ED2DB531UWd6bsHQDC4RDAISj5vBw
  3. Black Fox – this is definitely the busiest/most crowded coffee shop of the bunch, it’s ALWAYS packed! I recently saw another location in midtown, but we haven’t checked it out yet. Black Fox also has healthy/trendy foods like avocado toast and quinoa salads. They have quality coffee and a great atmosphere! Jon and I have been a few times because it’s the closest to us and we have always had a great experience.hlOklte7SkW0EfU%6jZKnw1O1g9UbISzOW1g6Enj4hYA9tX%+InrT5ir0SSz3I%GNg
  4. Blue Bottle – if you go here, you should order the New Orleans, it’s iced coffee with cream and for some reason it’s especially delicious. We go to the location near the World Trade Center so you can have coffee overlooking the Freedom Tower and the memorial pools. This café is really cool and there are multiple locations all over the city. It’s usually pretty busy but not overwhelmingly so. The interior is very neat and they have compostable cups so you can feel better about your coffee purchase.4C89XLveRwOxAf9lGI8rVAHiiI%oONQS6Hj49Q9OXOXw-2
  5. Blue Spoon – This is a tiny coffee shop that we would always walk by on our way to Trader Joe’s and it was always packed. We gave it a shot and the cold brew was great! There are only three little tables in the shop and there’s a steady flow of people. There’s another location near Tribecca I’d recommend trying out as well.W3ePY8uHSwqSRHcKPOtxIQ
  6. La Columbe – we first tried this place out in Boston and then found out there’s a location a block from our apartment. They have a drink called a Black & Tan that combines a cold brew and a latte and it’s the only thing we ever order from La Columbe and it’s excellent! I’d highly recommend trying it out.Lz5wBrnRSgCf+12T+exFFw
  7. Blue Stone Lane – this is an Australian-inspired coffee shop with very chill vibes and equally cool coffee. This coffee shop is all about the experience and their Instagram is top knotch! They have locations all over the world, so definitely check it out if there’s one near you.ZoViCiFOR+GwIwx4Mb5Eqg

What’s your favorite coffee shop?

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