My Perfect Day in NYC

Hi friends, welcome back! My busy season is officially over so that’s some good news, it’ll be nice to have some more time to myself, even if that is spent safely inside my apartment. I am really missing going out and trying new restaurants and exploring NYC, so today I thought it would be fun to share my “Perfect Day in NYC”. I want to make a disclaimer that this day is not quite realistic and includes an assumption that I won’t be super full after every meal, and it’s a beautiful spring/summer day 🙂 With all that in mind…let’s get this dream day started!


My perfect day starts with a peaceful walk to get some coffee. There’s something about getting dressed (in athleisure of course) and going for a walk on a beautiful day while the city is still quiet that makes me so happy. I love being able to get some sunlight and movement first thing along with some smooth cold brew. On this day, I would walk to For Five Coffee at Brookfield Place, located right by the Freedom Tower and about a ten minute walk from my apartment. Jon and I have been talking about going back to For Five once this quarantine is over because the shop had a very chill atmosphere and we loved sipping our coffee and enjoying the ambiance.



I’ll admit, it was difficult for me to pick where to go to coffee on my perfect day, you can read about my favorite coffee shops in my neighborhood here.


After coffee, my perfect day would include a tough workout. I have recently been doing a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts as opposed to powerlifting, and I feel amazing! I love working out and feel so much better after I do, so a workout is a must on my perfect day! My apartment building has an amazing gym so it’s incredibly convenient to get in my workouts.


By the end of my workout I’m usually high on endorphins and ready to feast, so I would head to Crown Shy for brunch. I’m not much of a breakfast person, so a brunch is ideal for me because I do love breakfast food, I’m just not hungry first thing in the morning. Crown Shy is a Michelin Star restaurant in my neighborhood making it a perfect place for brunch because I won’t be hangry by the time I’m seated. They have a brunch special where you can pick three starters for $18, so I would pick the cinnamon bun, banana bread, and honey-glazed bacon bread. This is what I ordered when we first went there, I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? For my entrée I’m choosing the grilled egg flatbread. Yummy!!!

After all of that food, I will need some movement so I’d take the subway to Central Park to roam around and spend the afternoon getting some fresh air. My favorite part of Central Park is the reservoir. Maybe I’d even read a book on a bench in Central Park. I love being in NYC but escaping all of the noise and chaos is definitely needed once in a while 🙂 I also love seeing all of the dogs running around in Central Park, on my perfect day I’d be petting a Golden Retriever!


Once I’m done enjoying the park, I’ll be ready for some dinner (remember in my perfect day I have an endless stomach ;)) and I’m craving sushi so much these days! My favorite sushi in NYC is Asuka in Chelsea. Jon and I went there for my 25thbirthday, and we’ve been talking about it ever since. My favorite sushi rolls are the rainbow roll and dragon roll, and then I would order a rainbow dragon rolls, heart throb roll, and an Asuka roll. I also love Asuka because it’s right by the highline, so I would take a romantic little post-dinner stroll.


Now I said this wasn’t realistic because I am stuffed after sushi, but my perfect day wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream for dessert. If you’ve read my blog the last two months, then you’d know my favorite is Big Gay Ice Cream. I would be ordering this delicious sundae.


To end my perfect day in NYC, I would take the ferry to Governor’s Island to watch the sunset. I love Governor’s Island because it’s so quiet and it has an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan, and the sunsets are amazing! I can’t think of a more perfect way to end my Perfect Day in NYC!


Whew! I must admit, thinking about the logistics of my perfect day sounds quite tiring haha! If this was real I would be in a food coma and exhausted by the time I got to Governor’s Island, but I hope you had fun imagining my day in NYC! I’m dreaming of the day I can go back to these places as well as my whole bucket list of new places. Stay safe and healthy friends, I’ll talk to you in the next one!


14 thoughts on “My Perfect Day in NYC

  1. Love this! I’ve never been to NY, so this was fun to read! Also, it sounds like a perfect day to me- coffee, brunch, sushi, ice cream? I think we’d be friends 🙂

    1. Thank you! You will definitely have to try out some of these if you visit NY! We would definitely be friends 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes! I’m in public accounting on the tax side. I was at bdo but now I’m at a smaller firm.

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