Central Park Fall Foliage Tour

Hi friends, welcome back! A while back I shared my NYC Fall Bucket List, and seeing the fall foliage in Central Park was at the top of my list! Last year I didn’t get a chance to see the leaves so I made sure not to let that happen again. I boarded the subway with my camera with no plan, I was just going to wander through Central Park in search of fall foliage.


I got off the subway at 86thstreet and entered the park around 90thstreet with my camera in hand. I was a little worried because I didn’t see many leaves that had changed color yet so I kept walking south.


I wound up at Belvedere Castle, which means beautiful view in Italian, and the castle is just as beautiful as the view! I had seen pictures of the castle, but I haven’t actually been there before. It’s not quite like the castles we saw in Scotland, but it’s still pretty cool to have in the middle of NYC!


I ventured on and it was so relaxing to be in nature with no real plan. The park wasn’t very crowded which was nice too. I’ve been on a bit of a nature kick lately, I’m trying to get as much fresh air and vitamin D as I can before the cold comes!


I stumbled upon this little pond as the sun was starting to set and it was so magical. Everyone in the row boats was laughing and having the best time being unable to steer easily. This bridge was pretty crowded with everyone trying to get their Instagram pictures.


This area is called “The Mall” and it’s really pretty! I’ve seen it in movies, but this was my first time walking through it.


In my opinion, the front of the park had the prettiest fall foliage and I loved the reflections on the pond. It’s so amazing having this oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC.


I hoped you enjoyed all of the fall foliage that NYC has to offer! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week 🙂

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