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Hi friends, welcome back, hope you all had a great weekend! Last weekend Jon and I went with our friends to check out the new brunch menu at Crown Shy, which is a newer restaurant in NYC’s Financial District that traces its roots back to the legendary Manhattan restaurants Eleven Madison Park and Del Posto.


The restaurant has gotten a ton of buzz in the year that it’s been open, especially now that it has received a Michelin star. The restaurant started off as a dinner spot (check out my dinner review here) but has since added brunch to its repertoire. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to preview the brunch before the general public, which meant we got to eat in a private setting with the head chef and his family just a couple of tables over!

This brunch was one of the first times navigating the menu without any help from Yelp or other blogs and reviews, but we loved everything we ordered! Although the menu isn’t large, it was still hard to pick because everything looked so good!


We started with drinks, I got a mimosa at a small price of $15 and my friend tried the Bloody Mary. The drinks were good, which made the $15 price tag a little easier to swallow (pun intended).


For appetizers there’s four different options each ranging from $6 to $8. Luckily for us, there was an option to order 3 for $19, which made our decision much easier. The four of us shared the cinnamon bun, honey-glazed bacon bread, and banana bread.


They were all delicious and I would highly recommend because they had the perfect amount of sweetness. Also, the portions were a great size, I would recommend sharing them with the table.


The bacon bread was very interesting, it was a perfect combination of sweet and salty. I’m normally not one to order bacon flavored things, but this worked!


For our entrees, Jon and I shared the grilled flatbread and the short rib sandwich. Both were great and we would highly recommend!


Final review: everything was delicious!! I’m more of a dinner girl myself, but brunch can be a great change of pace and we had a ton of fun! Although the drinks were a bit pricey, the appetizers and entrées were worth the trip. Crown Shy is definitely a must-try the next time you are looking for brunch!

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