Lyssy’s Eats: Asuka Sushi NYC Review

Jon and I went out to sushi for my 25th birthday dinner, and it did not disappoint!


We went to Asuka Sushi in Chelsea and it was delicious! It was also reasonably priced (similar to what we would pay in Michigan) and had a large selection.


We started off with some drinks (we were also celebrating finding an apartment!). I got an “Asukarita”. It was pretty much just tequila at the bottom!


My sweet date 🙂


For our appetizer we got some shashimi that was delicious. It was salmon on the left and two different kinds of tuna. I liked the salmon best #shocker. I used to refuse to eat fish, and now I can eat it raw, I’ve come a long way.


Whenever we get sushi we always order a rainbow and dragon roll. Those I always know will be good, although I’ve never had a sushi roll that I didn’t like. Do you guys have a go-to roll?


I also like getting a house specialty roll whenever I go to a new place, so we got the Asuka Roll. Those little green things are called Tobiko, and they’re Flying fish eggs, but I’m not sure exactly what that means. IMG_4327.JPG

Lastly, we got the Samuri roll which was our favorite. It was spicy, but not spicy enough that your eyes water and nose runs. This roll was so tall, it was hard to eat! We had a good mixture of flavorful and more traditional rolls.



We were pretty stuffed afterwards, but not as full as we went to Shiro! I think that was because we had a roll with cream cheese, that’s so filling.

This is the yummy dragon roll

If you’re ever in NYC, I’d highly recommend this restaurant!!

We never leave any sushi behind

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