Celebrating my 25th Birthday

I had such a great birthday filled with lots of sweet messages from friends and a few surprises! I hope you all liked my 25 Life Lessons For My 25th Birthday post!


I got a cold brew at Starbucks to start my morning after a good bench workout.

Jon and I met for lunch at a place called Chopt that’s around the corner from my office. They have really great salads, my favorite is the Spicy Santorini Salad. Jon got one too.


At work they surprised me with a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me! It was so thoughtful of them. We had a happy hour after work and we walked right by where they were filming Law & Order! I had to stop and take a picture.IMG_4358

Jon and I got poke for dinner.


He sang to me while I blew out my candles and made a wish.


Yes, we still have our tree up!

Cheers to 25!

Goals for 25:

  • Travel to one new domestic and foreign place
  • Stay consistent with my blog
  • Stay in touch with people better now that I’m living out of state
  • Keep exploring NYC and take full advantage of living in the city
  • Fitness goals: 275# deadlift, 225# squat, and 135# bench

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