Song E’ Napule – Authentic Naples Pizza in NYC

Hi friends, welcome back! Hope everyone is staying healthy during these crazy times! Jon and I stocked up on food this weekend and don’t have any plans to leave our building in the near future. NYC is pretty quiet, I rode the subway last week and I noticed a big difference in the amount of people taking the trains. We are just hoping for the best and waiting this out. I’ve stockpiled a few blogs, so hopefully this is over with by the time I run out 🙂


Jon and I have been on a pizza kick lately, and we recently checked out Song E’ Napule. This restaurant is the closest thing to being in Naples, Italy and was recently awarded the Best Pizza in NYC by Gambero Rosso International, a famous Italian food and wine magazine. I read an article about the best pizza and the city, and Song E’ Napule took the number one spot, so I knew Jon and I had to try it out.


We walked in for a late lunch around four on a Saturday and were seated right away. The menu was on an Ipad, which I had never seen before, but there was a picture of every single item, super helpful when deciding what to order! There were about ten tables, so it was a very small and intimate restaurant, but it didn’t feel like we were on top of other diners.


Jon and I were starving by the time we got to Song E’ Napule so we started with the Polpette Al Sugo – homemade meatballs with tomato sauce. They were delicious and filling, I would recommend ordering these to start!


Now what you’ve all been waiting for, the pizzas! Jon ordered the Diavola – tomato sauce (san Marzano DOP eccellenze nolane), mozzarella (fiordilatte di agerola), spicy imported salame from Napoli, basil and extra Virgin olive oil.


I ordered the Salsicce E Funghi – Tomato sauce (san Marzano DOP eccellenze nolane), mozzarella (fiordilatte di agerola), mushrooms, sausage, basil and extra virgin olive oil.


It looked like everyone ordered a personal 12” pizza. I was quite full from the meatballs so I surprisingly didn’t finish all of my pizza. My favorite part of the pizza was the crust, it was so fresh and tasted authentic. The cheese was different than other pizzas because it wasn’t shredded mozzarella, it was like little chunks of it.


Luckily Jon and I didn’t have to walk home because we were stuffed!! The pizza was delicious and we would highly recommend checking it out! I’d also recommend making a reservation for dinner because there aren’t many tables, but you should be able to walk in for lunch or around mid-afternoon. Thanks for reading, hope you all stay healthy!!

One thought on “Song E’ Napule – Authentic Naples Pizza in NYC

  1. As a person who was born and raised in Naples, I can totally tell that that pizza is 100% Neapolitan.
    Just looking at it makes me so hungry and the only thing that I miss about living in a small town in Germany is the fact that I will never be able to find a true Neapolitan pizza.

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