Lyssy’s Eats: Crown Shy NYC Review

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a brand-new restaurant we tried in our neighborhood called Crown Shy. It’s run by a famous NYC chef named James Kent who used to work at a Michelin Star Restaurant before going off on his own. We tried it out with our friends a few weekends ago and had a great night!  The inside of the restaurant is very trendy and young with a cool vibe. The kitchen is open so you can see them making your food right there which is neat. Another bonus is that the tables weren’t on top of each other so you can really enjoy your time dining there. fullsizeoutput_15b3

We started off with drinks and I got the Flightplan and it was just as delicious as it is pretty! Jon got the Cardinal Point, and our friend got the Radicle.fullsizeoutput_15a1fullsizeoutput_15a2fullsizeoutput_15a3fullsizeoutput_15a4

The house pull apart bread is amazing!! We would go back just for that. We actually asked for seconds it was so good.fullsizeoutput_15a6fullsizeoutput_15a7

For appetizers we got the Gruyere Fritters and they were amazing! They were little cheese bites and we would definitely order these again.fullsizeoutput_15a8fullsizeoutput_15ab

We also got the White Bean Hummus and it was also very delicious!fullsizeoutput_15a9.jpeg

For our entrées, Jon and I split the Cavatelli and it was very good, but the portion was tiny.fullsizeoutput_15ac.jpeg

We also ordered the Grilled Citrus-Marinated Chicken and it was also very good.fullsizeoutput_15ae.jpeg

All in all, the food was delicious, and we had a great night at Crown Shy! This is the fanciest restaurant that I’ve been to in the city. I’m still getting used to the smaller portions, but I think that is typical for a high-end restaurant with a famous chef.

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