Maison Pickle NYC – Love at First Bite?

Hi friends, welcome back! I alluded to quite a few future restaurant posts in my Foodie Friday posts, and now that the holidays are over, I’m finally getting back to them. First on the list, and one of my top three favorite restaurants of 2021, Maison Pickle. This restaurant has been on my radar for quite some time because I always see their famous 24-layer cake and mouthwatering garlic bread all over my Instagram feed. Securing a reservation at Maison Pickle requires some advance planning due to its popularity, but Jon and I snagged a reservation to celebrate our six-month anniversary. Disclaimer: this post will cause hunger

We started with celebratory drinks and I ordered The Sundress (Wheatley Vodka, Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur, Allspice Dram, Lemon, Prosecco, Angostura) and Jon chose the Black Pearl (Sagamore Rye, Eldorado 12yr, Cio Ciaro Amaro, Laphroig 10yr, Antica Carpano, Orange Bitters). Both cocktails tasted delicious and refreshing!

It would be a crime not to order the pull-apart bread and we chose the garlic and parmesan one. Wow! This tasted even better than it looked and exceeded the high expectations I had. Love when that happens! They also have a butter, honey and butter, and feta and olive oil pull-apart bread that sound delicious too.

We shared two entrees and the online reviews saying the portions are huge weren’t exaggerating. Oh my word were we stuffed after this meal! We definitely didn’t earn the clean plate award.

Maison Pickle specializes in French Dip and we picked the Deluxe sandwich with sirloin, fried onions, horseradish aioli, caramelized onions, and gruyere fondu on homemade French bread. This tasted excellent and it was gigantic! We had them split it onto two plates and this would’ve easily been enough of a meal for me.

My favorite dish was the Hot Honey Chicken N’ Toast. This had the perfect combination of sweet, savory, spicy, and crunchy. This was so flavorful and filling! We brought about half of this home and had a nice lunch with it the following day.

I couldn’t leave without getting a slice of the 24-layer confetti cake. It tasted delicious and they brought it out to us with a candle for our celebration, so fun! We could only fit a few bites of this into our very full bellies, but we enjoyed it for the rest of the week 🙂

Jon and I got an added bonus with a free drink in honor of our anniversary. I thought that was so thoughtful of them! I noted the occasion in my Open Table booking, and when I checked in, the host wished us a Happy Anniversary and then later they brought us these drinks. I love how such a simple act of kindness can enhance our experience so much.

I’d highly recommend checking out Maison Pickle! The portions are massive, service was excellent, and everything tasted amazing. I felt like they really went out of their way to make our anniversary special. I’ve heard they have an awesome brunch so we’ll have to check that out one day 🙂 As I mentioned earlier, this was one of my favorite restaurants we’ve been to in the city and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting looking for a fun, casual place to eat with delicious food. If you’re still wondering, it was love at first bite!

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      1. I sent it to my friend Im traveling with and we agreed we needed a piece for our room. I mean, we will be walking everywhere. Assuming we don’t get the VID. lol

      2. You guys do need a piece!! All the walking will make your hungry for cake 🍰 haha I hope you have a safe trip! It’s crazy how omicron is just getting everyone.

      3. Hopefully not! My sister just had it and she had slight sore throat/cold symptoms the hardest part was being stuck in her room, she likes being around people. I had same symptoms but tested negative twice with the at home test so idk if I had it or not. But I just had a stuffy nose and nobody else I was around in Jon’s family had symptoms including his grandma so idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I could just have gotten a cold flying/temp change/tiredness from our traveling. Very glad I got boosted before Xmas.

      4. It’s wild!! I wonder what the real case count actually is. I’m sure it’s way higher with all the at home tests

  1. That is a lot of food. Best to order one serving for 2 people. That 24 layer cake is ridonculous. Left overs guaranteed. Happy 6 months. Allan

    1. We aren’t used to getting so much food in NYC. Haha I wonder how laborious it is to make a 24 layer cake. I’ve made a two-layer cake and it destroyed my whole kitchen. Thank you!

    1. We had a great time celebrating 🙂 That cake seemed more intricate than our wedding cake haha

  2. Food as art – beautiful photos! Okay, so most commenters went with the cake (and I’d love to know how much a slice cost) but my question goes with the sandwiches. How do you eat the Hot Honey without getting it all over yourself? Looks messy no matter how you choose to attack it. LOL to your comment above about your two-layer cake effort. Hey, and happy half-anniversary!

    1. Thank you! I believe the cake was $16 for a slice, I’m guessing you can buy a whheole cake for an arm or leg ha. To eat the sandwich we used a fork and knife and cut the chicken and toast into little pieces. It’s served with the chicken on top of the bread pieces so maybe they are thinking people won’t try picking it up. I’m having flashbacks to how messy the burger from The Emily was… Jon is good at cleaning while he cooks, but me not so much 🙂

  3. I’m reading this at lunchtime so now I’m very hungry! Everything looks so delicious but that cake is amazing – almost too pretty to eat… 🙂

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