Central Park Fall Foliage 2021 Tour – Part 2

Hi friends, welcome back to my Central Park Fall Foliage tour! My last post explored the northern half of the park, and today I’m finishing up with the southern half. I actually came back with Jon this past weekend because when I went originally, it was still pretty green. I loved seeing how much the colors changed in nine days, and we came the day before the NYC marathon, so the park was buzzing with energy and people.

We started at the southwest corner and made our way to The Lake so I could get some pictures of the iconic Gapstow Bridge.

Jon and I continued north to The Mall and were serenaded by musicians playing instruments while we walked through. We took a break and sat on one of the benches, but a much too friendly squirrel got within six inches of me, so we bolted.

We crossed the street to the Bethesda Fountain and the area was packed! It seems like this was everyones favorite spot to hang out and enjoy the beautiful fall day.

I took this picture during my prior trip on a Thursday, much less crowded and not quite as colorful.

We stopped at Bow Bridge to take in the fall foliage.


Jon and I ended our afternoon in Central Park at Belvedere Castle overlooking Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn. I even saw turtles in Turtle Pond.

All that walking made us hungry, so we headed to Anita Gelato USA for some insanely delicious gelato! It tasted almost as good as eating gelato in Italy, we both LOVED it. I’d highly recommend getting some gelato here, we both liked it better than all the ice cream shops we’ve been to in NYC, and if you know how much I love ice cream, that’s a strong endorsement!

I hope you enjoyed this fall tour of Central Park!! There’s something magical about Central Park in the fall when the temperatures are cooling and the leaves are changing color. Have you been to Central Park in the fall?

25 thoughts on “Central Park Fall Foliage 2021 Tour – Part 2

  1. We are much more familiar with this area of the park from our two visits. It is nice to see it all dressed for fall Lyssy. It is good to see so many people out and about enjoying the day. Gelato makes the perfect ending to an outing. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. It was a perfect day in Central Park, made it feel very normal. I am also much more familiar with this area, already hoping to get some pictures of a pretty snowfall finally haha. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. I love the long, low-flying bridge where you posed for a photo. It’s been used in many movies (“Definitely, Maybe” comes to mind). Also, how many people do you suppose the city staffs just to maintain the park? Must be in the hundreds. I don’t think there’s a leaf out of place in your photos!

    1. So many movies in Central Park, but I haven’t seen anyone filming in there before. There must be hundreds of staff, I saw quite a few when I was in the conservatory garden. Seems like a relaxing job possibly.

    1. Haha I follow a lot of food accounts of Instagram that post things like the gelato that I absolutely must have haha!

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