Frozen On Broadway – Date Night

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Jon and I had an eventful weekend seeing Frozen on Broadway⛄️❄️. I was so excited because I’ve been wanting to see this play for quite some time – well since it came out last year, and they still have the original cast. A few weeks ago, Ticketmaster was running a sale on seats, so I got a deal on the tickets. One of my goals this year is to see two shows so I’m half way there. I want to see Dear Evan Hansen or Aladdin next 🙂


We started our date night by going to dinner at Cha Pas Noodle & Grill for dinner. We started with some pork belly buns for our appetizer and then I ordered the chicken pho, and Jon ordered the pork pho.fullsizeoutput_1e12fullsizeoutput_1e13fullsizeoutput_1e14fullsizeoutput_1e17

With our bellies full, we walked from the restaurant to the theater. It was a short walk, but the sidewalks were so congested with people that it was so hard to get there. I’m so glad we don’t live near Times Square or the Theater District!fullsizeoutput_1e1a.jpegkZbpcJ%MTHeuIy+tJbdSDAc5WttCkQSAKjrB1a7o6mhQ

Our seats were in the back center of the Orchestra and luckily nobody tall sat in front of us. There was even one open seat, so we had a great view. The theater didn’t seem very large.fullsizeoutput_1e1ffullsizeoutput_1e20

The play was a little different than the movie, they added some songs and had less dialogue, but it followed pretty closely. They kept the big songs such as Let It Go, Do You Want to Build A Snowman, and Love Is An Open Door in the play and added some cute new ones. They also sprinkled in some adult humor which was a nice touch.emZaMpRcOVEva7BUyyYw.jpg

The cast all did amazing and had beautiful voices. The little girl that played Ana was so cute, as was Olaf and Sven. I won’t give away how they portrayed Olaf, and I’m still trying to figure out how they got the reindeer so life-like. I loved the special effects and how they made the ice, it also seemed like there was extra a/c blowing when they opened the gates, but that may have just been me.


I also loved Elsa’s blue dress, it was so pretty and was incredibly sparkly. Her rendition of Let It Go was everything I had hoped, and it gave me goose bumps.


I would highly recommend seeing Frozen if you can, it’s such a happy and fun play! I was smiling the whole time and the special effects were amazing! This was Jon and I’s fourth show together, we’ve also seen Hamilton, Book of Mormon, and Phantom of the Opera. So far our ratings are: Hamilton, Book of Mormon, Frozen, and then Phantom of the Opera. Do you all have a favorite show?

5 thoughts on “Frozen On Broadway – Date Night

  1. So glad you got to see the play. One of the great things about Broadway plays is that the theaters are so intimate. We loved Hamilton but one must know the music and lyrics ahead of time as it goes so fast. I have seen Phantom twice and loved it but it is so dark. Ragtime was very good too. I think my favorite is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

    1. You’re right, I love how intimate the theaters are. I’d love to see Hamilton again now that I know and love all the songs! Phantom is dark, I agree. I’ll have to see those two if they’re back on Broadway 🙂

    1. Nyc in December is so fun!! I’ve heard good things about Waitress! Maybe I should see it before it closes 🙂

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