Scotland Trip: Isle of Skye Part 1

Hi friend, welcome back! Today I’m sharing the last part of our trip which was a three day trip to the Isle of Skye from Edinburgh. I have so many pictures to share that it’s going to have to be two posts 🙂 The Isle of Skye is a small island in northern Scotland and about a five hour drive from Edinburgh. It was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever seen! We left around 8:30am and took quite a few spots along the way.fullsizeoutput_1990.jpeg

Our first stop was at Loch Lomond, it was actually the same exact stop from our tour the previous day. We stocked up on coffee and took in the view. The coffee is so much smaller in Scotland!fullsizeoutput_198f.jpeg

We drove through the Highlands most of the drive and I was mesmerized by the beauty of all the mountains. Everywhere you looked was so pretty!fullsizeoutput_19a2fullsizeoutput_19a3

The background almost looks fake!!!


We stopped for a quick photo stop at the Five Sisters of Kintail.


Glencoe was the main city that we were driving through, and this is one of the places I’d love to go back to one day. I’d love to hike up the mountains and soak in the breath taking views!

We stopped for lunch in Glenocoe and I got this sausage roll. This turned out to be our go to snack or breakfast in Scotland.

For a snack we got this yummy caramel, chocolate cake!

We stopped to see Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK. Ben Nevis is also a very dangerous mountain to climb because it usually has low visibility and extremely high winds.

Our next stop was Eileen Donan Castle which is one of the most photographed castles in Scotland. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures inside, but we loved exploring the castle.fullsizeoutput_19b7fullsizeoutput_19bdfullsizeoutput_19bffullsizeoutput_19bc

We had the tour company book our accommodations on the island, and they booked a room at the Pink Guest House in the city of Portree. If you search Portree, you will likely see a picture that looks like these 🙂 We stayed in the pink one!fullsizeoutput_19d8fullsizeoutput_19cdfullsizeoutput_19cc

Portree is the biggest city on the island, but it’s quite small. One strange thing was that the ice cream store closed by 5pm and the coffee shops didn’t open until 8:30. Very different than NYC!fullsizeoutput_19c4

It was so peaceful and serene in the bay, and the sun stayed up pretty late because it’s so far north. I wish I had time to have coffee and read a book on the shore. It was so beautiful!fullsizeoutput_19c5fullsizeoutput_19c3fullsizeoutput_19cbfullsizeoutput_19dafullsizeoutput_19d9fullsizeoutput_19d6

For dinner we went to Scorrybreac Restaurant and it was delicious and cozy! Most restaurants on the island have about 8 tables, and there aren’t too many restaurants, so it’s surprisingly difficult to get a reservation in Portree. If you’re going, definitely book a few days ahead of time!fullsizeoutput_19c6.jpeg

We started off with Cullen skink soup which I’d never heard of. It has potatoes, haddock, and onion in a creamy broth. For our entrees I got the salmon to no surprise, and Jon got smoked salmon alfredo.fullsizeoutput_19c7fullsizeoutput_19c8fullsizeoutput_19c9

We were so exhausted from our day that we crashed after dinner. It was the perfect day! Stay tuned for my final Scotland post about our two year anniversary on the Isle of Skye.

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