Scotland Trip: Exploring the Highlands

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing our day trip to explore the Highlands of Scotland! This was a day trip with Rabbie’s that we took from Edinburgh through the Highlands and we got to stop at some really cool castles. We had such a great experience on our day trip! I would highly recommend taking a tour with Rabbie’s if you go to Scotland. We learned so much about the history of Scotland that we wouldn’t have ever known. We also learned about the significance of each place we visited, and the drivers were incrediblty organized and knowledgeable.fullsizeoutput_1961fullsizeoutput_1967Our first stop was Doune Castle which is featured in the show Outlander, and was also the castle in the Monty Python movies. Jon and I recently started watching Outlander and have already recognized a few areas.fullsizeoutput_1953fullsizeoutput_1954fullsizeoutput_1955

The outside is a bit under construction, but the inside of the castle is pretty well preserved. This was our favorite castle of the day because there were so many different areas to explore and we went early so it wasn’t crowded.fullsizeoutput_1956fullsizeoutput_195afullsizeoutput_195f


Our next stop was Loch Lomond which is a beautiful lake. We had a quick stop here, but I could have taken in the scenery all day!fullsizeoutput_191afullsizeoutput_191efullsizeoutput_1920

We visited a famous view point called Rest and Be Thankful which is a very historic spot. It overlooks a road built during the 1700s. There was so much history that we learned on our trip, our driver was great at telling us the history of Scotland and the significance of each place we visited.fullsizeoutput_196afullsizeoutput_1968

We went to Inverary Castle next and this is actually a functioning castle, the Duke of Argyll lives there with his family and there were personal pictures scattered about. There are areas roped off where the family actually lives, the rest of the castle is open to the public.


I love seeing all the fancy furniture and décor.

There was also a beautiful garden surrounding the castle, but we didn’t have time to walk through the whole thing.fullsizeoutput_1977fullsizeoutput_1978

The last castle that we visited was called Kilchurn Castle and it had some of the pretties views! This castle was home to the Campbell clan who were the most powerful clan in the Highlands in the fifteenth century.fullsizeoutput_1979fullsizeoutput_197afullsizeoutput_1981fagsbfuhQaW9TiVlrrJbQ.jpg

My favorite thing about this castle was that it had rescued sheep and highland cows roaming free.


Our last stop of the day was Loch Awe which is the longest loch in Scotland. It was so beautiful and peaceful!fullsizeoutput_1985fullsizeoutput_1986

We ate dinner in Edinburgh afterwards at a place called Makar’s Gourmet Mash Bar. We were eating on the go all day, so it was so nice having a real meal.

I would definitely recommend taking a tour with Rabbie’s if you go to Scotland. We learned so much history and the significance of each place we visited, and they were incredibly organized and knowledgeable. They offer tours all over the UK and a variety of time frames

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