Happy Earth Day 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! In honor of Earth Day today, I wanted to recycle my 2021 Earth Day post featuring some of my favorite eco-friendly products, ideas, and the prettiest places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. I’ve still been using and loving all of these products, and would highly recommend them if you’re looking to switch your household products for more eco-friendly versions. There are zero sponsorships or hidden agendas involved here, just things I truly love and use daily. The earth is so beautiful and these are a few small ways I try to protect it from climate change.

In 2021 I got my first official NYC library card! I should’ve done this way sooner, but I somehow didn’t realize there was a library within walking distance from our apartment. If you follow my What’s Up posts, you know I love reading, and now I can “reuse” books from the library. Not only do I reduce my carbon footprint by checking out books from the library, but I also save quite a bit of money, especially considering my goal of reading 40 books this year.  I haven’t made the switch to a kindle yet, but that would also be a good way to reduce your impact.

A few months into the pandemic, the amount of soap bottles I was buying and recycling was alarming! I’m skeptical that the soap bottles I’m recycling actually get repurposed, so I knew I had to find an alternative. I was scrolling Instagram one day and saw an ad for Blueland soap, so I clicked the link to learn more (I can attest that Instagram marketing is very effective!). I discovered Blueland was successful on Sharktank, so I knew it had some credibility and gave it a shot. For $16, I received a quality glass bottle, and three soap tablets.

I was instantly hooked on this product! The tablets all smell amazing, the Agave is my personal favorite, and refills are $14 for 9 tablets. Blueland soap is extremely cost effective and helps save the planet, a double win in my book! There are over 15,000 positive reviews on the website and I’d HIGHLY recommend giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed!! We’ve been using this hand soap exclusively for two years now.

After having great success with the Blueland hand soap, I decided to give their dishwasher detergent a try. It always troubled me to buy the giant plastic bottle of dish detergent that I know will last forever in a landfill. The dishwasher detergents from Blueland come in a paper bag and for $14, you will receive 40 tablets. You can also purchase a tin to store the tablets, but I don’t think that’s necessary. The tablets work great and remove all residue from the dishes. The tablets also don’t take up much space and are completely plastic free! I love how Blueland allows me to take a small step to reduce global warming without breaking the bank.

The final product I discovered in quarantine is Dropps laundry pods. My friend recommended these to me, and she did not lead me astray! I ordered a 56-count box in the “fresh” scent for a little less than $20. The packaging is perfect because it’s plastic free, and you store the pods in the box they ship in. The pods are compatible with all washing machines, free of dyes, cruelty free, vegan, and affordable. My workout clothes always come out smelling so fresh after each load, I’m sold!

Now for the fun part of my post – my favorite pictures showcasing earth’s beauty!

Yosemite National Park

Lake Tahoe, California

Santorini, Greece

Portland, Oregon

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Scottish Highlands

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Manchester, Vermont

Lake Placid, NY

Acadia National Park, Maine

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any favorite eco-friendly products I should try!

13 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day 2022

  1. Good post Lyssy. We can all do more to reduce, reuse and recycle. Get an E-paper or E-books or library books, drive more efficient cars and let them idle for much less time, walk more, cycle more, take mass transit more, separate waste properly for recycling, composting and landfill, turn thermostats down and unneeded lights and appliances off. This is a good day to think of that. Happy Earth Day. Allan

    1. That is a great list! Reusable shopping bags is the only other thing I’d add. I’m not quite ready to ditch planes for a voyage across the Atlantic, like Greta Thornburg. Happy Earth Day!

  2. On the one hand you show us great places and on the other it is said that travelling to see them is not good. At least there are your photos.

  3. I think we can all can save the planet in other ways than travel. To see the world is such an enriching experience for us all. I’ve visited Yosemite twice and loved it. Glad to see you have toured Scotland!

    1. I agree, it would be a shame not to see such beautiful places and gain new perspectives and experiences. Yosemite is so beautiful! I absolutely loved Scotland.

  4. I don’t suppose your Wiley Wallaby licorice recommendation counts here – LOL (because it’s very good, thank you!) As a teen I never understood Earth Day, which means I took many things for granted at that age. Today it’s a whole different mindset – almost a habit to determine what solution is acceptable while being least impactful to the planet. I’ve heard if you live in Switzerland you have to recycle just about everything because of the country’s small land mass. The Swiss hang onto their furniture and personal belongings a lot longer than we Americans. I’m guessing they don’t have as much “stuff” either. Sounds very “Earth-friendly” to me.

  5. Amazing shots, Lyssy! Where in the Scottish Highlands have you visited? I have some close family living there and will be visiting in May/June. Great eco suggestions as well.

    1. Thank you! We did a tour with Rabbie’s that was a day trip through the Highlands. We didn’t want to drive on the opposite side of the road haha. We did Doune Castle, Loch Lomond, Rest and Be Thankful, Inverary Castle, Kilchurn Castle, and Loch Awe. I would love to go hiking in the highlands one day, it’s so beautiful! We went at the end of May in 2019 and had great weather.

  6. Your nature photography is stunning, so beautiful! I am going to have to check out the Blueland soap, it seems like a really effective way to reduce plastic waste! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you!! Yay! Blueland is great, I know quite a few people that have used it for year too. Super easy way to reduce plastic and the bottle is pretty 🙂

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