Central Park Spring 2022 – Part Two

Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got the promised part two of my Central Park spring tour today and it might be one of my favorite Central Park posts I’ve done. I walked the entire park on this day from 110th to 59th street staying mostly on the east side, but following the pretty colors. It was the most perfect day you could ask for, 65* and sunny, and I loved every second of my wandering. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite season in NYC, I was convinced it was fall but after this walk, spring almost took the top spot and I’ll show you why 🙂 (P.S. You can check out part one here)

I started at 110th street entering through Farmers’ Gate and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful blooms. Most people don’t venture this far north in the park so I didn’t have to compete with anyone to get the best angles.


I loved looking over Harleem Meer pond and seeing all of the colors in the background. I even saw some little turtles soaking up the sun and serene surroundings.

I was most excited to see the Conservatory Garden because this is my favorite spot in the park, and it was absolutely magical! The garden is on 106th Street, so most people don’t venture this far up either. I love that it’s not overrun with Instagram photoshoots like Bow Bridge and Gapstow Bridge.

Walking through the magnolia trees it was a bit windy and the petals falling almost looked like snow.

I climbed the steps to get a better view and when I saw all the tulips I was in awe of the beauty. It’s still so hard for me to believe this bit of heaven is right in the middle of NYC and free to enjoy.

The Untermyer Fountain wasn’t turned on yet, but it still looked pretty surrounded by all the daffodils and cherry blossoms.


I continued on to The Pool to check out this peaceful spot.

I walked along the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Reservorior to try and get a little shade.

The Obelisk surrounded by spring blooms.

Everyone was out and about enjoying the gorgeous colors!

I stopped by the Central Park Model Yacht Club, I always forget this peaceful spot is here.

The Lake was filled with row boats and happy passengers. This might be my favorite picture of the day.

Bethesda Fountain in all her glory.

Onto the Mall where I took a little break to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a snack. The trees are slowly growing their leaves back.

I finished at The Pond and this area is still blooming, but the Gapstow Bridge is always a stunner. I even found some more turtles getting sun.

I definitely got my dose of vitamin D and steps in on this walk. I hope you enjoyed this spring tour of Central Park as much as I did! As I always say, it’s always a good day when it’s spent in Central Park 🙂

25 thoughts on “Central Park Spring 2022 – Part Two

  1. A different view of Central Park, parts of it wouldn’t look out of place in the grounds of an English stately home. The shot of people out in rowing boats is so cheerful- being out on the water is such a simple pleasure!

    1. You’re right, the conservatory garden looks like it could be on the grounds of an English stately home. I’d love to have that nice of a garden one day. Being on the water is so enjoyable.

    1. Thank you!! I wish I could move my building to right next to Central Park so I could walk outside and be there

  2. Superb blooming photos, beautiful light; well, I keep fall on top as there is also an dimension of melancholy in the beautiful days that are going away. Spring may hold too much innocence that we know will not last.

    1. Thank you! I agree. I also like fall because of the anticipation of the holiday season.

  3. Your efforts were well worth it Lyssy. Beautiful spring blooms and green. Thanks for the spring bright spot. This will tide me over until ours get here. Happy Tuesday. Allan

    1. Glad you enjoyed the spring colors! I hope your spring comes soon, I think it’s here to stay in NYC 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful photo tour of the blossoming Central Park. Such a gem that any city should have for its citizens to enjoy freely. I love the shot of the little rowing boats on the lake and enjoy the snow-like effect of the falling petals.

  5. This is absolutely lovely! I can see why spring is almost your favorite season here. The colors are so bright and beautiful!

  6. You have to hand it to F.L. Olmsted (Central Park’s designer) and the city forefathers, who recognized the importance of this sanctuary back when they had a chance to set the land aside. I’m not sure another city can lay claim to a more beautiful escape within its borders (Boston perhaps, but on a much smaller scale). Your post makes it seem impossible to take a bad photo in the park. Also, not a maintenance worker to be seen! I’m sure they’re out there in full force – almost 24/7 perhaps. Also, I kept thinking “pristine” as I scrolled through your photos. It’s so nice to see all of this beauty respected, seemingly undisturbed by the millions of residents nearby.

    1. I agree, it’s such a much needed oasis! We’ve been to the one in Boston, that was nice too but I agree quite smaller. It is incredibly hard to take a picture in Central Park, especially when those tulips were just planted. I did see one guy near the tulips and cherry blossoms that yelled at a lady for stepping on the grass, it reminded me of the scene in Princess Diaries (I’m guessing you’ve probably watched with your daughter) where Mia was visiting her grandma and stepped on the grass and a voice was yelling at her in every language to get off the grass. It’s amazing how clean the park is even with millions walking through every day.

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