Central Park Summer Tour – Part One

Hi friends, welcome back! It seems like forever since I’ve posted about NYC. It’s been a busy summer of traveling, plus it’s been so HOT, so I patiently waited in the a/c until it got cool enough for a trek to Central Park for my summer tour. I took the subway to 110th Street and started my walk at the northernmost entrance. As I looked out to the horizon, all I saw was green. The trees, grass, and ponds were all green. This was a big contrast from all the color from my spring tour.

I went to my favorite spot in the park next, the Conservatory Garden, and I was a bit underwhelmed. I was hoping there would be pretty flowers but all I saw was more green and some brown.

A perfect day in NYC!

I stopped by The Pond but it looked more like Shrek’s Swamp.

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir looked beautiful and serene as usual.

Next stop, Belvedere Castle. I found a new spot to take pictures this walk 🙂

Bow Bridge and The Lake are always popular spots. I still need to get on these row boats one day!

I saw so many turtles enjoying the beautiful weather!

Bethesda Fountain looked so beautiful turned on! It was the perfect day for a walk in Central Park.

Jon and I had some pictures taken in Central Park this summer, and it was my first time being back in the park since April. I was amazed at how different it looked from spring. I follow a NYC based photographer on Instagram and she posted that she was looking for a couple to do a test shoot for an upcoming sunset engagement, so I signed Jon and I up. I’d always wanted pictures in Central Park and these were so fun! If you’re looking for a NYC photographer Emily was great!

Stay tuned for part two!



18 thoughts on “Central Park Summer Tour – Part One

  1. Beautiful as always Lyssy. So nice to have such a huge green space in a big city. Those tall skinny tours look weird, kind of like factory smoke stacks. I much prefer the older building views, like the Dakota. Glad the temps are cooling down for you. Cheers. Allan

    1. Thank you! It is nice to have such a large green space, it’s definitely needed with city life. The tall skinny buildings are odd looking, but prime real estate for million and billionaires. I prefer the older buildings too, we live in a 1930s famous Art Deco building. It’s nice having cooler weather finally!

  2. Lyssy, I will never turn down an opportunity for yet another look at Central Park. It’s almost hard for me to process that my own day exploring this gorgeous place was all the way back in May 2007. Even on a day where some spots are “underwhelming” Central Park is fabulous. I really like the black and white shot of you and John, one for the wall methinks.

    1. I agree, Central Park is always a good idea! Wow! I think you guys need a trip to NYC soon, your’e long overdue. Thank you, that is one of my favs too 🙂

  3. “Shrek’s Swamp” looks solid enough to walk on! If it weren’t for the running fountains and the rowboats I’d describe these photos as Central Park “at rest”. The quiet and the nothing-but-green remind me of golf courses that close one day a week for maintenance. You imagine dozens of golfers and carts filling the course but it’s a little surreal when they’re not there, just like this seemingly empty version of C.P.

    1. It does look like you could walk right on it, I wonder how deep it is. I went on a Friday morning, so the park was probably resting up for a big weekend ahead. The summer is always so full of picnics. It would be a nice place for a golf course, I’m sure some people tried to get 18 holes on there.

    1. Thank you! I think he would be very happy to see his park still beloved and taken care of by New Yorkers.

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