Dorr Mountain Hike – Acadia National Park

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I am sharing some of my favorite pictures from our Dorr Mountain hike in Acadia National Park. Jon and I woke up to a beautiful day, carbed up on bagels, and headed to the trail head. We set the pin from the AllTrails app into our GPS and were lucky enough to park right at the trail head. (One of the perks of going to Acadia in the offseason) When Jon and I hiked Indian Head in the Adirondacks we had to park about two miles from the trailhead, so we were off to a great start!

Stats for the hike: 6 mile loop totaling about 3 hours and moderately difficulty. In AllTrails the hike is officially called Canon Brook, Cadillac South and Dorr Mountain South Ridge Trail Loop

The hike started out very easy with a beautiful walk along a small, tranquil pond.

I wish I could insert a scratch and sniff in this post so I could share how amazing it smelled here!! I was in fall foliage heaven!

We followed these trail markers called cairns (pronounced Karen) along with some blue paint on our journey to the top. At times it seemed we were playing I Spy when looking for the next cairn.

The hike had some boulder climbing, but it wasn’t too strenuous to the top.

I loved the views of the ocean and Porcupine Islands from the top of Dorr Mountain.

Obligatory pics with the trail marker 🙂

This is the top of Cadillac Mountain from where we were. It only took about 30-45 minutes to get from the top of Door to Cadillac.

We continued on and had a pretty tough scramble down Dorr Mountain and up Cadillac. I was very glad there wasn’t rain or this would’ve been dangerously slippery! We didn’t spend much time at the top of Cadillac Mountain because we saw it the previous day, but we enjoyed seeing the views on a clear day!

Unfortunately, when we got to the top, it wasn’t crystal clear how to loop back to where we parked, and we accidentally took the wrong trail down and ended up about 3.5 miles from our car. Luckily we had enough daylight and could easily follow the road back. We also had plenty of snacks and water left along with a great view to enjoy!

Overall, we hiked about ten miles and spent about five hours on our adventure 🙂 Jon and I both loved this hike and it wasn’t super difficult, especially if you take the right path down ha! We were both just happy to be outside in the fresh air enjoying incredible views and  the fall foliage galore. For some reason our hikes never seem to go as planned but always turn out better than expected. Stay tuned for more adventures in Acadia National Park!

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  1. Love the photo with the stairs. If this one section of the trail is any indication, whoever designed it made sure any improvements blended beautifully with the surrounding environment.

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