Lyssy’s Eats: Kona Grill

Kona Grill is one of my favorite restaurants because it has two of my favorite things: salmon and sushi. Whenever I go there I order the same appetizer and then always have a tough decision for my entree. The menu has a wide variety of options ranging from salads, sushi, chicken, and salmon. I’ve heard they also have great happy hours.

My absolute favorite appetizer to order are the avocado egg rolls. I don’t love avocados, but these are so good! They come with a sweet sauce that is the perfect pairing for them.

The salmon has a sweet chili glaze on it that’s so delicious, I’ve never had bad salmon from Kona, it’s just so good every time. It comes with fried rice and a seasonal vegetable that is equally as good.

Kona Grill is the first place that I’ve ever had sushi before. Whenever I’m ordering for myself, I always order the rainbow roll and the dragon roll. Those two are hands down my favorite.

Another thing that I occasionally order is the chicken and broccoli stir fry. This is my third favorite, but the healthiest option. It’s can be pretty spicy so watch out!

When it’s my birthday I like to get the snicker’s pie.  It’s SO GOOD! In case you’re wondering, I could definitely eat this entire thing 😋

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