Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m taking you all on a virtual stroll around Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. Jordan Pond is one of the most famous sites in the park, and it’s not hard to see why! There is a trail that runs all the way along the pond and is a very easy stroll except for a minor rock scramble. Even on an overcast day, Jordan Pond is beautiful!

The walk alongside Jordan Pond is rated moderate on Alltrails, but I would consider this easy. The full loop is about 3.5 miles and very flat except for a few scrambles. I would not recommend bringing a stroller on this trail, we saw a couple with one and it took a lot of work to get through the scramble.

The path is usually very crowded, the only complaint you can find on Alltrails, but we were lucky and only passed a few couples on our stroll.

I love how tranquil the walk around the lake was. It was a lot bigger than I thought!

There was this manmade boardwalk that was about a mile of the trail, I was very impressed!

This is the area of rock scrambles that were easy for us, but may be difficult for people that may have difficulty walking. You could always turn around and head back because this was about halfway through our walk.

Jordan Pond reaches 150 meters at its deepest, spans 187 acres, and is known for its clear water. There is no swimming allowed because it’s a water supply for the surrounding area, but you can kayak or canoe.

Jon and I went off-season so sadly we couldn’t’ experience the famous blueberry lemonade and popovers from Jordan’s Pond House (the building in the picture below). It is the only full-service restaurant in the park. If you come off season you could bring a DIY picnic to enjoy overlooking the pond.

It’s hard to take a bad picture at Jordan Pond, even on an overcast day! I would highly recommend visiting Jordan Pond on a trip to Acadia National Park!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

16 thoughts on “Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park

  1. Beautiful! Dang on missing out on the popovers – the ONE bad thing about going during the offseason. Looks like you had most of the place to yourselves though – BONUS. Yeah, a stroller is probably not a great idea. lol

    1. It was so nice to have the place to ourselves! We made up for missing the popovers haha 🙂 I think my future kids will go to “camp grandma” when I need a vacation ha!

  2. National parks are so popular now that going off season is the best way. As a teacher, I could never do this so now it is my favorite time to visit. One thing I don’t understand is that people think National Parks should be convenient. A couple with a baby in a stroller were complaining at the Grand Canyon. The philosophy of a national park is that you can visit today and then again in 100 years and it will be the same. Take only pictures, leave only footsteps. So glad you were able to enjoy one of my favorite parks.

    1. Yes, I get enough crowds in NYC! Now you can spend as much time in the parks 🙂 Wow! I agree, people these days seem to think the world revolves around them… I loved Acadia, I have so many more pictures to share!

  3. Your beautiful photos make me wonder when a body of water is considered a “lake”. Jordan Pond is bigger than I expected for a “pond”!

  4. It’s beautiful Lyssy! And I like the excitement of skillfully walking through those rocks, save for a leg sprain tho.

    Jordan Pond seems nice and like a place where I’d go to on a Saturday afternoon with my music box.

    Thanks for sharing!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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