Hamilton on Broadway!

Ever since Jon and I have been dating, I’ve been DYING to see Hamilton on Broadway! I would jokingly ask him if we were going to see Hamilton every time I would visit. It’s one of the most famous shows on Broadway and the hardest one to get tickets to. This Christmas Jon surprised me with Hamilton tickets and I was so excited! He bought the tickets for the end of March, so I was not so patiently waititng to see it for a few months.


This past Wednesday was the magical day we finally got to see Hamilton. I was so excited! To be honest, I was a little worried I would be exhausted from working all day, but I had nothing to worry about.Lj0qbrzBSjuAc07G83NMogHswutsSnRYaGlazsoctjRQgxCs486VQdi1ZOw6lcpnGg.jpg

We had great seats in the third row of the balcony and in the middle. We could see everything perfectly.


Here we are a little closer to the stage on our way home.fullsizeoutput_1455

I absolutely loved Hamilton!! The actors were incredible and I loved all of the songs! I’ve been listening to them non-stop ever since the play! I’ve become obsessed… I would describe the play as the story of Hamilton’s life from the time he was 19 to when he died. The music was a mix of rap and then some slower songs, it was a perfect mix. I cannot say enough good things about the play and highly recommend everyone see it!!

Interestingly, a lot of Hamilton takes place in NYC right around where we live.Qm0fEFYXTYap6NstrxiqQ.jpg

This is Federal Hall which used to be the captiol of America and George Washington was sworn in as president.


Just a block away is Trinity Church where Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, are buried.taj1tiHGTIeedABOcWNjsQ.jpgpZAVsHNSxyQk4VQXYhbVw.jpg

I think it’s so crazy how we walk past these buildings every day on our way to the subway without really realizing the historical significance of the area. This area is filled with tourists, so we try to get through it as quickly as possible.

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