Valentine’s in the Big Apple

My trip to NYC started a little rocky as I realized I forgot my license at home. Luckily my dad was driving me, and my sister was able to bring my ID (thanks dad and Kris!). Luckily I made it to my gate right as my plane was boarding. I’ve never missed a flight and didn’t want this to be the first. This was however my first trip without any delays either way. The plane ride was only an hour and it had cable so I could catch up on the Olympics and work on some blog posts. I got a cab to Jon’s apartment and it was pretty quick luckily because I couldn’t wait any longer to see him.


On Friday we watched some of This Is Us while we had our coffee and oats with a view. I could look at the Hudson River all day long.


We went and worked out in his basement gym and I did my squat workout (here). This rack has an interesting view that I don’t get at lifetime.


We made some his & hers Guilt Free Pizzasfor dinner and got ready to go and see The Book of Mormon.


Jon and I decided that instead of getting each other gifts we would go to dinner and see a play. We had both been wanting to see the Book of Mormon, and Jon was sweet enough to get us tickets. I had no idea going in what it was going to be about, but we both loved it. The play was very funny and had some great songs that we kept singing all weekend. We both highly recommend everyone to see it.


The theater was relatively small so any seat would be great. It was the perfect night together, and the best first Valentine’s Day. I’m excited that next year we will actually be together and won’t have to FaceTime on Valentine’s Day.

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    1. Hi Peggy-

      Alyssa has known Jon for quite some time. I had the pleasure of meeting Jon in Nashville and I can vouch that is an astute gentleman.

      Kind regards,


      1. Wow that’s quite the endorsement. Thanks Chris! You are very astute as well.

        Best Wishes,

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