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I saw Black Tap on Instagram and was mesmerized by the outrageous looking milkshakes. My sister Kris went there when she visited NYC and sent me some drool worthy snaps. I knew that Jon and I had to go the next time I was in NYC.


The weather was pretty terrible, it was rain/snowing and I was not dressed appropriately, but I survived the 45 minute wait outside. We were debating leaving the line, but we knew that we would just be talking about how we need to go for months so we toughed it out, and I’m glad we did. These pictures are before we left the apartment and after we were in line for a while.


We were both so relieved when the waiter said our table was ready. We got a secluded table by the bar where they make the shakes. A lot of tables in NYC are right on top of each other so we were happy to get a table by ourselves, it was perfect. The shakes looked amazing and we couldn’t wait to get ours after seeing the waiters bring them to other people.


I ordered the Carolina Burger which is a burger with pulled pork, buttermilk slaw, and Carolina BBQ, and a ton of sweet potato fries. It was really good, I would definitely recommend this burger. Jon got the Greg Norman burger which our waiter said was voted the number one burger in NYC. This one has beef, house buttermilk-dill, blue cheese, and arugula. He said that it was good, but not the best burger in NYC.


We decided to order the Cake Batter milkshake, but I was a tough decision. Our other choice was the Cookie ‘N Cream Supreme (Oreo) or Brooklyn Blackout (brownie) one which we may go back and just get a shake one day.


The milkshake was huge! At first I wasn’t sure about sharing, but after all the sweet potato fries I’m glad we did. The cake was delicious, it tasted just like a vanilla Costco cake. The frosting was a good buttercream, and not the fake sugary stuff. The milkshake had frosting around the rim with sprinkles, but it was pretty hard to get off the cup.


The milkshake tasted like vanilla ice cream, but it was really good. We dipped pieces of the cake in it and that was delicious. There’s no way I could’ve finished a whole one by myself, it was very sugary.

Consensus: We think that the burgers were good, but overpriced. The milkshake was definitely worth the trip and we would probably just go back for a shake.

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