Weekly Workouts 2/12-2/18

This weeks workouts felt really good. I didn’t do much accessory work so that I could give my body a chance to recover from these tough lifts. I still have one workout of the program left to do this week. On Sunday Jon and I decided to get caught up on This Is Us instead of squat.

I switched around my workouts this week because I wanted to finish both of my deadlifts before I went to NYC. Jon’s gym doesn’t have the same setup that lifetime does. I squatted and benched on the same day and it was tough to do those bench reps. I’m used to benching first in a workout, but I got through it. I did my bench AMRAP in NYC, I feel more comfortable doing my AMRAP with Jon there to spot me. He’s good at pushing me and telling me I can do another rep when I wouldn’t do so if I was by myself. This week I was really close to getting a 5th rep, so it’s almost time to increase my weights.

Workouts this week:

Monday: off day


  • Squat: 150 5×7
  • Bench 110: 6×5


  • Deadlift: 210 5×2 AMRAP 4


  • Walk 1 hour


  • Squat: 160 6×5


  • Bench: 110 5×3, AMRAP 4
  • Arms


  • Off

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