Valentine’s Day at The Metropolitan Museum of Arts 2020

Hi friends, hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day! This year Jon and I decided to head back to The Metropolitan Museum of Art Saturday for our Valentine’s Day date. We didn’t get to see everything last year so we were excited to pick up where we left off. It was also freezing outside, so a day in the museum sounded perfect! If you want to catch up on last year, you can check out my post here.


We started upstairs in the European Paintings and browsed around. It’s amazing how many exhibits are in the museum, even after two visits we probably didn’t see everything! These are some of my favorites or the most popular from the collection.


This one is the modern day selfie ha!


Next, we headed to a new exhibit called Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe. This exhibit is available until March 1stand it had the worlds largest green diamond! It was heavily monitored so I was afraid to take a picture, but it was beautiful!!


This exhibit had a lot of pretty clocks, imagine having one of these in your house!


One of the most interesting items in the exhibit was a replica machine that could play chess. This was created back in the late 1700s, and it was actually an illusion and there was a secret chess player inside the machine. It could beat everyone that it played, including Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Queens and Kings.


We then headed to the Modern and Contemporary Art wing. I must say, Abstract art just doesn’t speak to me. For example, this one seems like it was done by a three-year-old, but it’s at the Met!


I do however love this painting, if it was a smaller scale I think it would look really cool in a modern home.


We ended our day in the Asian Art wing and one of the most interesting pieces was this deer. It is a real deer, dead of course, that has been covered in glass bubbles. It’s so sparkly and beautiful in person.


A few other pieces in the wing that I thought were cool.


On actual Valentine’s Day I came home from work to some amazing surprises from Jon! He got me red roses and some cute Valentine decorations, and then he also got me Easter decorations, wine, dinner, and a cupcake for dessert. I’m a lucky girl!!bwd1kLqmTkuAWCBwCUe04g60341647068__F7BA3913-A050-4904-AF0F-E3DF3309DDC5

We made salmon with a side of French fries and then watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Part 2. It was the perfect night and weekend together! This was a special Valentine’s Day because it’s our last one before we get married!


Thanks for reading, hope you have a great week!!


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  1. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your tour and Valentines Date! When we went, we didn’t have time for the Met, so really cool to get a glimpse.

    1. Thanks for following along!! Hopefully you can come back to NYC and experience the Met for yourself 🙂

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