Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi friends, Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate the holiday, or think it’s just a marketing ploy by candy manufacturers and greeting card companies, I wanted to share a little love and festiveness on my page. My family celebrated Valentine’s Day and my sisters and I would always get a little special gift. In elementary school, I always loved picking out little Valentines for my class party and opening my mailbox of cards. Nowadays, both our parents send us a little Valentine present and Jon and I try to do something special.

Jon and I have always celebrated Valentine’s Day together, and this year is special because we’re finally celebrating it as a married couple. We have no big plans, but I finally got a “for my husband” card ha! I think we will be making these heart shaped noodles tonight from Trader Joe’s and continuing our tradition of going to The Met this weekend to see the Walt Disney exhibit.

I found this festive apartment on the Upper West Side. Not many places decorate compared to Halloween.

I decorated our apartment, but I don’t have nearly as many decorations as I do for Halloween and Christmas.  January is always a gloomy month, so I love the happiness of red and pink for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t really love conversation hearts, but they are my favorite vase filler!

I got this beautiful edible bouquet gifted to me by Edible Luxury NYC. She makes the most beautiful arrangements and gifts and sells them through Instagram and Etsy. I was blown away by how beautiful this was and would highly recommend checking out her account. She also gave us beautiful white chocolate hearts filled with Nutella!

It wouldn’t be a holiday without some fun treats! As you may have seen in my Seaport District post, we got some valentine themed cones with Oreo ice cream coated in cherry with little gold heart flecks and a cherry on top! I’m not a huge cherry fan on ice cream, but this was delicious! It’s called the “Love Dove” cone.

Lastly, I made some heart shaped sugar cookies, but I’ll admit I don’t have the patience for elaborate decorating haha. I will say, they do taste better than most of the decorated sugar cookies.

That wraps up the festiveness, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!! Do you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?


24 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy Valentines Day to you both! Love your apartment’s subtle decorations and your heart shaped plates and mugs. We’re in a pub now enjoying a Valentines dinner of steak and chips and chocolate fudge cake. Delicious and beats cooking any day! Enjoy your evening Lyssy.

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both too! I agree dinner out is better than cooking and doing the dishes! Sounds like a delicious dinner ❤️

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you both! The edible bouquet looks lovely as do the heart-shaped cookies. I think having a nice little tradition to mark special days is a great idea. Going to the Met is a wonderful ritual. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day, but we did spend the entire day together exploring London.

    1. Happy Valentines Day to the both of you too! We haven’t been to the met since February 2020, so we are long overdue! I think spending quality time together is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Lyssy. Any reason to celebrate love with thoughtfulness is a good reason and any bright spot of colour in the winter is a bonus. Stay well and enjoy. Allan

  4. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, Lyssy & Jon. My wife and I have a tradition of forgetting to open our cards on V-Day itself. Seriously, we’ve forgotten for years and now we do it deliberately so the cards are opened spontaneously weeks or even months after the fact. My favorite of today’s photos is the one with the blue heart candies! Where’d they come from? Oddly refreshing after the usual overdose of pink and red.

    1. That is a fun tradition! It kinda reminds me of how when we were kids we’d always find an egg about a month after the hunt haha. They were from the girl that made the flower bouquet, she makes those cool breakable hearts too. It is nice to see a different color, I am onto all the pastels for Easter now 🙂

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