Valentine’s Day at the Met

I hope you all had a love filled Valentine’s Day! On actual V-Day, I had to work late due to my busy season, so Jon and I decided to do something low key on the actual day, and have a day date this past Saturday. He cooked us some delicious chicken parmesan for dinner and we had a nice and relaxing dinner together. That beats a fancy restaurant with tables a few inches away from each other any night.


We decided to go to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) as our Valentine’s Day date. I hadn’t been to the museum before, but Jon had and said it was really cool. The steps outside the Met are very popular, and they filmed some scenes from Gossip Girl here too. The museum was HUGE! There were so many people all over! It’s so cool how there are all types of people at the museum.

fullsizeoutput_1184The first exhibit we walked through was Ancient Egypt.fullsizeoutput_118972Fsly64Q7GdSCICmVJRcg.jpguf0IkMTnRCaX4CK8RM7fUAppI38PZ8S%ibDlMTpTFMgQ

This hippo is one of the most famous pieces in the museum.y9mWxC3sQE2hIHjmTgsA.jpgfullsizeoutput_1185fullsizeoutput_115ffa6a3cZHTRCLgB%fIOgyGsF0DBDQ9Oy0spgM3hTQA

The next area we saw was the American Art%+Bi6QQcT2GQiI6hJWCGdQfullsizeoutput_119afullsizeoutput_1199

This picture is one of the most recognizable paintings in the museum


One of my favorite parts of the museum was seeing how rooms used to look like in old Palaces and castles. The rooms were all so extravagant!fullsizeoutput_118efullsizeoutput_118dfullsizeoutput_1188fullsizeoutput_118c


We saw the Arms and Armor area, and that was really cool!fullsizeoutput_118bDzFjjxFnRhSXVx2CJ55gPA.jpg

We had so much fun on our Valentine’s Day date! We took a quick break to run to Starbucks and get some lunch. You are allowed to leave and come back which is really nice as the museum food court is very overpriced. We didn’t see all of the museum, but luckily we have the luxury of coming back whenever we please. Afterwards we went to Serendipity for desserts, so stay tuned 🙂


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