Emack & Bolio – The Most Interesting Ice Cream Cone

Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got another delicious dessert spot to share with you all today! I created a running list of restaurants/dessert shops for Jon and I to try out and last month we decided on Emack and Bolio. I had seen many ice cream cones from Emack and Bolio on Instagram and they always caught my attention. I went to their website beforehand to scope out the flavors, and I learned that it was founded in Boston by a music lawyer that wanted a “chill” place for musicians to hangout after their shows. The founder represented big names such as Aerosmith, U2, and James Brown to name a few.


There are a few locations in New York, but we went to the one in Brooklyn because it’s only one subway stop from our apartment. We walked in and had the place to ourselves, apparently ice cream isn’t as popular in the winter – fine by me!


The most unique thing about Emack and Bolio is their cones. The top of the cone is coated in marshmallow and then dipped in cereal, Oreos, cookie crumbs, chocolate, etc. I opted for a waffle cone, but next time I want to try one of the dipped cones!


There are so many different flavors to choose from so Jon and I both decided to get two scoops. I ordered the Cake Batter and Cookie Monster (a mix of Oreo and cookie dough!), and Jon got Caramel Moose Prints and Cookie Fudge Dough. Maybe next time I’ll try the Stoney’s Dream and Space Cake!


Mine had so many yummy chunks! Emack and Bolio also prides itself on having some of the most premium quality ice cream, and from what I tasted, that is true!


These cones were massive and cost a total of $16! That’s pricey for ice cream, but it was delicious!!


Emack and Bolio has locations in MA, IL, FL, NJ and NY so I’d highly recommend getting a scoop or two of their ice cream, you won’t be disappointed! What’s your favorite ice cream shop?

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