Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing all my thoughts about the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen – the winner of six Tony Awards! In case you missed it on my 2020 NYC Bucket List, this is the show I most wanted to see this year. When Broadway week came around, I was able to get great seats at a reasonable price. Broadway Week runs concurrently with Restaurant Week and offers a discount on select show tickets. The tickets can sell out pretty quickly, so I marked my calendar and purchased them the first day they were released.


Our show was on Friday at 8pm, so Jon and I met up at Urban Space and shared a Roberta’s pizza. We try to avoid eating near the theater because it’s a tourist trap and there’s too many people everywhere! The pizza wasn’t as good as Adrienne’sor Prince Street, but it did the job.


Dear Evan Hanson is performed at the Music Box Theater and it was about a half mile from where we ate, so we walked over in the blistering cold and wind. The theater was quite small and intimate, so there really weren’t bad seats unless you were on the very right or very left.c3OB7+eLRf2PytMFs8ihTAs2SGmJfATG2SETWyhILO+QbWPARByzT4emy8kOE8PLZg

We sat in Row C of the right mezzanine five seats in and our view was amazing! We were able to see the entire stage and we didn’t have to worry about not being able to see over the people in front of us. I would recommend getting the front rows of mezzanine as opposed to being in the middle or back of the orchestra if you want some of the best views.


Going into the show, I had no idea what Dear Evan Hansen was about. I actually thought it was a comedy, but I would say it’s a drama with a lot of emotion and some comic relief intertwined. It’s the best of both worlds with both an amazing story and amazing music. Without giving the plot away too much, the show is about a teenager with major social anxiety who wants so badly to be noticed that he lies about being friends with a deceased student to become closer to the family. I will say that it definitely leaves an impact on you, it’s powerful and emotional. There’s a lot more to it, but you’ll have to see for yourself 🙂


I have a running list of my favorite shows and the current order of favorites are:

  • Hamilton
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • The Book of Mormon
  • Frozen
  • Phantom of the Opera

I loved seeing Dear Evan Hansen and would highly recommend seeing it! What’s your favorite show?

6 thoughts on “Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

  1. I like your list. I have seen all of yours except Dear Evan Hansen. I would add Les Miserables. Joseph and his amazing techno color coat. And Lion King. We are enjoying sun and heat in Florida for 3 weeks.

    1. I need to see Les Miserables when it comes back! I saw lion king when I was a kid but will have to see it again! Enjoy!! We are going to Miami in a few weeks 🙂

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