Returning to Broadway with The Music Man

Hi friends, welcome back! Aside from all the delicious food, attending Broadway shows is one of my favorite parts of living in NYC. The last play Jon and I saw was Dear Evan Hansen in February 2020, and I was having major Broadway withdrawals. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about The Music Man starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, and I knew I needed to see it. I couldn’t pass up a chance to see Hugh Jackman in his dream roll. This show seems to be the next big hit, so tickets can be challenging to find at reasonable prices. We must’ve searched at the right time because I found front row, right center, mezzanine seats for a reasonable price. The tickets were for a Wednesday night, but I noticed that on the weekend most tickets cost almost $200 more each than what we paid.

Before the show, we made a reservation at Dutch Fred’s a few blocks away from the Winter Garden for dinner. This restaurant was a fun spot to eat at before the show. It seemed like half the people were having drinks after work, and the other half was having dinner before a show. The lively and extremely loud atmosphere made me even more excited for the show! Jon and I didn’t want to be too full for the show, so we got some Freddy’s Mules and I had the Turkey Burger with sweet potato fries and Jon went with the Fried Chicken Sandwich. This was a fun spot to go before the show and I’d recommend it!

The Music Man faced many setbacks the past few years. They were originally scheduled to open in fall 2020, but had to push back the previews to winter 2021 and the official opening night to February 10, 2022. Then the cast had an omicron outbreak and had to cancel a few shows late December/ early January, but all seems well now. I’m so glad the cast persevered and The Music Man was able to open. You could just tell how genuinely happy and grateful everyone on stage and in the audience was to be there. I felt the joy emanating from the cast and it was the perfect feel-good show to come back to Broadway with. The applause and the smiles at the end of every scene was so pure and seemed to last a little longer than prior shows I’ve seen.

Hugh Jackman was incredible! He had so much energy and charm and I couldn’t believe I was seeing him perform live. This play is special for him because in high school Hugh was Salesman #2 in The Music Man, and it was always his dream to be the lead. He even sang “Rock Island”, the opening number, at the 2014 Tony Awards and on various late night shows throughout the years. Getting to see him first hand living out his dream was pretty special. Sutton Foster, a two-time Tony Award winner, was also incredible as Marian Paroo! Hugh and Sutton had great chemistry and are both so talented! I feel so lucky to have seen such a talented cast, I’ve never seen an original cast before.

If these faces aren’t pure joy then I’m not sure what is!

I never saw the movie or any productions of The Music Man, so I went in with no expectations, except that Hugh Jackman would be awesome. I couldn’t stop smiling during the play, it was such a joy to see! I didn’t want the show to end, I was having too much fun and I was so happy to be there. The Music Man is such a delightful show and just what I needed to see. I wanted a fun night out at the show, and I got a better night than I could’ve imagined.

I like to rank all the shows that I’ve seen, this was our sixth Broadway show together, and I’m ranking it as my second favorite because of the all-star cast. I think if Hugh Jackman wasn’t in it, I’d rank it tied for third with The Book of Mormon and behind Dear Evan Hansen because they’re both funny shows with good songs and dancing. I’m not sure a show will ever replace Hamilton, I still listen to the soundtrack and sing some of the songs. My updated official ordering: Hamilton, The Music Man, Dear Evan Hansen, The Book of Mormon, Frozen, and Phantom of the Opera.

The joy from being back on Broadway mixed with the incredible cast, fun song and dance numbers, and the lighthearted story made for an incredible night at the show! I’d highly recommend seeing The Music Man if you can, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear and forget about all that’s going on in the world for a night.

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      1. I wholly concur. I’ve met him. I used to work out in the same gym in London. He was charming, and drop dead gorgeous.

      2. Wow!!! He seems like the nicest, friendliest guy. Would make for a fun workout 🙂

  1. Nothing beats a good Broadway show Lyssy. We have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of shows when we visited. The Lion King was our favourite. Thanks for sharing your experience. Allan

    1. I agree! I remember seeing lion King as a kid as a kid when they toured in Detroit and being amazed at the animals coming up the aisle. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to share the magic with our kids 🙂

    1. I agree, everyone needs a night to take your mind off all that’s going on in the world. It’s good for the soul.

  2. Your dinner and a show looks like the perfect evening. The Music Man is one of the fun musicals of all time. It is hard to imagine the Wolverine as the music man, but I guess that is why he is a great actor (and apparently singer and dancer).

    1. Haha he has quite the range to be Wolverine and Harold Hill. He did look a bit leaner than he did filming Wolverine 🙂 He is a fun performer to watch!

  3. I’ve never been to a Broadway show but I would like to someday. It sounds like an NYC experience everyone should have!

  4. Good for you and Jon, taking in Broadway shows while you still live in NYC. When our son lived in Manhattan a few years ago we saw our one and only Broadway show: Les Miserables. IMHO the story and the Broadway performance are simply incomparable (with “Phantom” a close second). We came back to NYC the following year and went straight back to the same theater to see it again. Interestingly, Hugh Jackman gets the credit for our love of Les Miz. We saw his movie version before we saw it on stage so it helped to be familiar with the story. And speaking of Jackman, you really do need to see “Kate & Leopold” (Seaport District!), one of his first starring roles way back in 2001. It wasn’t until I saw “The Greatest Showman” I realized he was better meant for the stage.

    1. I sure will miss going to shows at the spur of a moment. We bought the tickets a few days in advance. I haven’t seen Les Miserables yet, movie or show. I think if I see it I will watch the movie first so I can appreciate it more. Ah yes I have even more reason to see Kate & Leopold now! I have seen The Greatest Showman, some of those songs get stuck in my head so easily!

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