Fine Dining Experience at Lincoln Ristorante

Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got a fancy restaurant to share with you all today. I was invited by Lincoln Ristorante to dine at their restaurant overlooking the Lincoln Center plaza on the Upper West Side. This restaurant gets great reviews and serves an Italian menu, so Jon and I were very excited! This is one of the fancier restaurants we’ve been to, and a few tv shows have filmed here including Gossip Girl, Younger, and Friends From College. Lincoln Ristorante also hosts premieres of TV shows and movies such as Breaking Bad, Wonder Woman, and Zoolander 2. As you can see, this is a cool spot to dine at!

The interior of the building is gorgeous, as are the place settings and dishes. We went on a Tuesday at 7pm and it wasn’t very crowded, I’m guessing there was probably a bigger crowd before we got there that had tickets to a 7 pm show.

Jon and I dined here on National Margarita Day, so we had to order the delicious Smokey Margarita. These drinks tasted as good as they looked!

For appetizers, we split the Veal Meatballs and Burrata. Meatballs are always my favorite and these ones tasted amazing and were so delicate. Such a difference compared to the ones we sometimes buy from the store and pop in the oven ha! The Burrata was also delicious and had a great flavor with the pesto. There is also unlimited free bread and olive oil for the table. These appetizers were the perfect size to split with two people, but you’d need to order more if you are with your family or another couple.

For our entrees we ordered the large serving of Cacio e Pepe (spaghetti alla chitarra, poached egg, pecorino, parmigiano, black pepper), and I’ve been wanting to try this dish forever, and it tasted incredible! It tasted very creamy and I could’ve eaten the whole bowl by myself. Probably best we split it so we could save room for the scrumptious dessert.

Jon and I also shared the Veal Saltimbocca (prosciutto, sage, black trumpet mushrooms, marsala-veal jus) and it tasted incredible too. The sauce was very sweet and the meat tasted so tender and delicious. It reminded me of the pork I loved so much from Beppe Trattoria. This dish looked like a work of art, and the taste exceeded it’s beauty!

My favorite dessert was the Bacio (milk chocolate crema, devil’s food cake, hazelnut cookie, hazelnut gelato), and it was beautiful too! This is one of our favorite desserts we’ve had at a restaurant, it tasted amazing. The peanuts were sweet and crunchy, and the fudgy chocolate ice cream with the hard shell tasted heavenly!

Jon and I also ordered the Honey Ricotta Cheesecake and it tasted delicious too! I personally don’t love orange, so I would’ve preferred chocolate or salted caramel on top, but the cheesecake was so light and airy.

The menu is on the pricey side, but the quality and artistry of the dishes match up to the price.

The service and atmosphere at Lincoln Ristorante were top notch. The servers were very attentive and did a great job! Our water glasses were always full and the table was always cleared and reset in between courses. This restaurant would be the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, dinner before a show at Lincoln Center, or to impress your date. This definitely felt like a restaurant meant to savor your time at, so if you’re seeing a show, be mindful this meal might be longer than usual. Jon and I had a wonderful time dining at Lincoln Ristorante and I’d highly recommend checking out this restaurant if you are in search of a fine dining experience!

12 thoughts on “Fine Dining Experience at Lincoln Ristorante

  1. Looks like a lovely, posh place to celebrate a special occasion. The food is sumptuous, plus smaller menus are always a good thing. I love your choice of appetisers especially, and leaving a space for dessert is my kind of approach to a special dining experience. The Bacio is an incredible creation, no wonder it got to the top of your best desserts list. Although I love cheesecake, I would be tempted by the Grilled Lemon Olive Oil Cake. Great presentation of the restaurant, Lyssy.

    1. I do like smaller menus or else I get overwhelmed. There’s always room for dessert, I heard a rumor dessert goes to the heart and not the stomach ha! The Bacio was so great! If only I could recreated it. The Grilled Lemon Olive Oil Cake was one of my top picks, but I let Jon order the cheesecake 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I agree with several comments here; the Bacio looks like the perfect dessert. Elegant presentation, not too big, and who wouldn’t want cake, cookie, and ice cream all in one dish? I’d pay the $14 in a heartbeat.

    1. It was quite the trifecta of a dessert! Plus the presentation of it was excellent. The dessert doesn’t get the attention it deserves compared to other desserts in the city.

  3. This looks like a great place to enjoy Italian food Lyssy. Everything looks first rate, although I would not be a fan of the poached egg. Those desserts look to die for. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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