What’s Up: March 2020

Hi friends, welcome back! I’m back from a relaxing weekend in Miami with Jon, and now it’s back to reality. I’ll be sharing more soon so stay tuned 🙂 Do you guys feel like February just flew by – or is it just me? January always seems like the toughest month to get through, and then February is over in the blink of an eye. February was a great month, some of the highlights of February included a weekend in Miami, seeing Dear Evan Hansen, celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Met, and trying new coffee ice cream shops. I’m ending the month with a trip home to Michigan that I’m very excited for! This is going to be a very exciting and fun year and I’m happy to be sharing it all with you guys!


On to my post JI’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:


  1. What I’m eating: lots of pizza, ice cream, and coffee! Every weekend we have been trying a new coffee shop or restaurant in the city and it’s been so fun. My favorite places always seem to be the new ice cream shops 😉VwEjPex%Sx6kNuf1W4funABrppvMJWQwmo944mqy4JZA
  2. What I’m reminiscing about: just about three years ago Jon texted me for the first time, and now we are about to get married in just three months!! It’s so crazy how life works out. We’ve had so many great adventures travelling and exploring NYC together, and I know this is just the beginning of our story 🙂View More: https://aubreygracephoto.pass.us/alyssa_jon_engagement
  3. What I’m loving: living in the city! I go through phases where I’m ready to move out of the city and go back to the suburbs, but right now I can’t imagine moving out and being away from the hustle and bustle.0JdmxOZ3T7yfSD0uD71DFw
  4. What I’m dreading: the next month and a half of busy season. It hasn’t been too bad, but these next few weeks will be busier with the approaching deadlines. Having something great to look forward to always makes busy season more bearable, and this summer I have so much to look forward to 🙂
  5. What I’m Up to: Jon and I have been having lots of fun on the weekends to make up for all the hours I’m at work during the week. We have been good about having plans on the weekend so we don’t get to Friday and say what do you wanna do? Idk what do you wanna do? Until it’s Saturday afternoon and we haven’t left the building – ha!fullsizeoutput_293bfullsizeoutput_27b8
  6. What I’m working on: my blog!
  7. What I’m excited about: all the travelling this year! I have so much going on this year between the wedding, honeymoon, other people’s weddings, trips, and holidays. It’s going to be such a fun year!BlkPBdeEQCiwxuTYZ523%Q
  8. What I’m watching/reading: I’m still reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, I’m slowly getting through it. We are watching Parks and Rec mostly right now and plan to watch Outlander season 3 nextm4p6lLknSHeBMYbiVL3EfQ
  9. What I’m listening to: The Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack! Ever since the show, Jon and I have been randomly singing the songs around the apartment
  10. What I’m doing this weekend: My first wedding dress fitting!!! My dress has finally arrived (I ordered it in July so I’ve been impatiently waiting ever since!) so I really hope it fits! I will also be celebrating my mom’s birthday in Michigan!1CDB3E09-E2ED-4A0F-8759-8C94928422CB
  11. What I’m looking forward to next month: Being done with busy season and Jon and I are heading to Atlanta to celebrate Easter with his family!



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  1. Oh, reading your post makes me miss New York City. We haven’t been in over a year. We were talking about vacation plans this morning and now I am thinking we really need to add NYC to our list.

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