2020 NYC Bucket List

Hi friends, welcome back, I hope your new year is off to a great start! As I’ve mentioned before, I love making lists and goals, especially at the start of a new year, and today I’m sharing my 2020 NYC Bucket List. I thought long and hard about all of things that I wanted to do/see in 2020 because I know that Jon and I won’t live in the city forever and I want to have no regrets when we migrate to the suburbs. I want to take full advantage of living in the city and this list will help me accomplish that. My bucket list includes some touristy activities and places, along with some fun ideas I saw on Pinterest. I purposely kept off restaurants/desserts or else this list could take hours to read :)! I can’t wait to utilize this list throughout the year and I hope it brings you all some inspiration if you’re in NYC or inspires you to create your own!


NYC 2020 Bucket List:

  • Visit the 9/11 Museum
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  • Camp on Governor’s Island (it’s more like glamping ;))
  • Attend the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in October (note to self: buy tickets early!!)
  • Go to the top of The World Trade Center and watch the sunset
  • Bike through Central Park
  • See Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway and Hadestown
  • Win the Broadway Lottery
  • Have Coffee at the Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea
  • Eat at a Three-Star Michelin Restaurant
  • Participate in Restaurant Week/Broadway Week
  • See the Manhattanhenge
  • Attend an outdoor yoga class at Bryant Park
  • Visit the Met Cloisters
  • Walk through Central Park after a snowfall
  • Hike Bear Mountain
  • Spend an afternoon at the Brooklyn Winery
  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry
  • Shop at the Farmer’s Market in Union Square
  • Visit the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue
  • Spend an afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you think there’s something I should add to my list 🙂 Also, keep an eye out for my blog posts throughout the year while I complete my bucket list!


19 thoughts on “2020 NYC Bucket List

  1. That is an outstanding list. A couple of years ago I tried a walking tour of lower Manhattan. It was included in the price of the LGA shuttle. It was one of the best tours I’ve ever taken. There is so much history there I had not known or had forgotten. Enjoy bagging your bucket list.

    1. Wow! I live in Lower Manhattan so I’ll have to look into that tour, thanks!! There is so much history I forget about too.

  2. So much to see! I recommend walking over the Brooklyn Bridge or on the Highline. The Pumpkin Blaze is a must. I did it a few years ago. You need to see the Dragon parade during Chinese New Year. It is usually on Mott Street in Chinatown then it winds elsewhere. I mentioned just a few.

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I love the Highline and have walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, but I went towards Brooklyn so I’ll have to try the other way. I’ll have to look into the Dragon parade, that sounds awesome!

  3. I’d also recommend (if you haven’t done so) watch a movie on the Highline (assuming they still do that in summer), run through Central Park in the Fall, cheer on the NYC Marathon from Brooklyn (the energy is insane!)

  4. Be sure to go south to see Fraunces Tavern. Also, the Dubliner pub on Stone Street is awesome place for an Irish Coffee and a steak pie.

  5. I love this list, it’s inspiring to make my own! My recommendation for you is to go to the Metropolitan Opera – I know, it sounds boring! But I actually made a post arguing my points for why the opera is an awesome choice 🙂 Hope you read it! Looking forward to more of your posts

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ll have to check out your post, love the recommendation and that you are inspired to create your own list 😊

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