An Afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hi friends, welcome back! Visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has been on my NYC bucket list for quite some time now, and I finally crossed it off my list this summer. Jon and I had about a half hour walk over after our brunch at WILD Park Slope. We started at the Flatbush Avenue entrance and made our way north through the garden, but you can also take the 2/3 subway that conveniently stops right outside the Eastern Parkway entrance. It costs $18 to enter the park for adults, but children under twelve are free.

Founded in 1910 and opened to the public in 1911, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens spans 52 acres. Throughout the garden, you can view over 18,500 species of plants and approximately 1,000 new species are added to the garden each year!

The massive garden is broken up into smaller gardens so the park doesn’t seem so overwhelming. The conservatory and other indoor areas are closed due to covid, but we enjoyed wandering through the outdoor grounds.

We first walked through the Discovery Garden, Children’s Garden, Water Garden, and Herb Garden. I can imagine this area is a popular place for school field trips because it features quite a few interactive exhibits and many informative signs by each plant species.

Next, we walked through the Lily Pool Terrace which includes over 100 varieties of plants, but the lily pads weren’t in bloom yet. July through September is the best time to see the lily pads in all their glory.

An unexpected rainfall occurred, so Jon and I ran for cover under some large trees in the Magnolia Plaza. We enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful, lush surroundings while waiting for the rain to pass.

My favorite area of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was the Cranford Rose Garden. Since it first opened in 1928, the rose garden has been the most popular exhibit. It features one of the largest rose collections in North America that can be best seen in June. As you may have guessed from my wedding bouquet, roses are my favorite flowers, so I loved seeing them in full bloom!

Some other sites we didn’t make it to include: the Fragrance Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Celebrity Path, and the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden.

Jon and I had a blast exploring the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature and only a short subway ride away from Manhattan. The expansive garden offers something for everyone, and you could easily spend an entire day here. I’d recommend planning your trip around when your favorite flower or tree is blooming, but any time is truly great to visit!



13 thoughts on “An Afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  1. I have not been there yet; normally the gardens are at their best at flowering time and during the beautiful fall colours. Thanks for the review.

  2. Reminds me very much of Longwood Gardens, about three hours southwest of you near Philadelphia. Longwood has many more water features, but the same approach with “specific” gardens within the garden. Didn’t know about BBG – thanks!

    1. Thanks for sharing – I will have to check out Philadelphia and Longwood Gardens.

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