Adrienne’s Pizzabar Financial District NYC

Hi friends, welcome back! I hope you had the best weekend! Last week I was scrolling Pinterest and saw article titled “The Best Date Spot Near Every Manhattan Subway Stop” and I was immediately intrigued. I clicked the link and read through the list to see the best spots near my apartment in Lower Manhattan. Adrienne’s Pizzabar on Stone Street took the coveted stop near my subway, I’d never heard of it before. I searched the pizza bar on Yelp! and there were great reviews so Jon and I decided to check it out. We haven’t been to too many restaurants in the area so we were excited, it’s the little things in life like being able to walk to dinner.


Jon and I went for a late lunch around 3:30pm and the restaurant was pretty empty. I actually enjoyed the emptiness because it was quiet, there was brighter lighting, the food came quickly, and Jon and I didn’t have to worry about other couples sitting inches from us. Does that last sentence make me a senior citizen 😉fullsizeoutput_2761.jpeg

We ordered the Old Fashioned Pizza with pepperoni. The pizza was ready in about ten minutes, way quicker than I expected! When we were in Chicago we had to wait almost an hour for the Chicago style pizza…it was the longest hour ever!!


The pizza looked delicious!!


I liked this pizza because the crust wasn’t too thick and tasted very light. It also tasted very fresh and they didn’t skimp out on the toppings.


We didn’t quite leave with a clean plate award, but we did have some good leftovers!


I would highly recommend trying out Adrienne’s Pizzabar! The pizza is delicious and there’s a nice chill vibe. Jon and I both agreed we would go back for some pizza, maybe we will try something different 🙂 What’s your favorite pizza place?

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