Celebrating Jon’s 30th Birthday in Quarantine

Hi friends, welcome back! Last Thursday was an exciting time here, we celebrated Jon’s 30th birthday in quarantine! Thirty seems like a big birthday milestone, so I originally thought it would be fun to take a trip and to celebrate. After some brainstorming, Jon wanted to rent a lake house in Austin, TX with friends and have a fun filled weekend. We were looking forward to it and June 2020 was supposed to be the most amazing month with our wedding, honeymoon, and Jon’s 30th birthday. Unfortunately, Covid-19 ruined those plans and we had to stay in NYC. I tried my best to make lemonade out of the lemons we were given and make the day special for Jon. 

The night before Jon’s birthday, while he was sleeping, I snuck out of bed and decorated the apartment with some festive “30” decorations. I wanted him to wake up to a fun little surprise and make the apartment cheery. Luckily, he didn’t notice I was gone, so in the morning (after he put in his contacts) he saw the banner and streamers. Thirty is a big birthday, so I really wanted to make it fun and festive! 

A great birthday wouldn’t be complete without some delicious coffee. I wanted to sneak downstairs and pick up the cold brew before Jon woke up, but they didn’t open until 8. Jon said he had a feeling that I was going to buy him coffee because I didn’t ask him if he preset the coffee pot for me 😉 We sat together on the couch sipping our coffee and chatting about previous birthdays together, it was the perfect start to the day 🙂

Later on, I took a break from work so Jon could open his presents. Jon has been coveting a Theragun for months now, so I knew it was the perfect gift! It would’ve been the best surprise, but he saw an email notification from the company when we were placing an online Target order. He was so excited regardless. I wrapped it for fun, but the only wrapping paper I had was for Christmas ha! I also wrapped his “30” candles so he would have a small surprise.

I felt a little bad getting this card, but I figured it was too perfect. Hopefully one day we will laugh about all this time spent in quarantine and it’ll seem like a far-off memory.

NYC reopened for outdoor dining, but we weren’t ready for that quite yet, so Jon chose pizza for dinner. We picked it up from our favorite place, Adrienne’s Pizza, and then ate it at home together. After dinner we spent facetiming with family wishing Jon a happy birthday. 

We ended the night with the most drool-worthy cake from Milk Bar. These cakes are a bit pricey, but you only turn 30 once! Jon and I had a decent sized piece and were soooo stuffed afterwards from the pizza and cake. We both woke up with headaches and a sugar hangover, but it was worth it! It was the perfect special occasion cake and so aesthetic! 

Despite being in quarantine and not Austin, TX, Jon said that he had a great birthday! Mission accomplished!! We will remember this birthday forever, but we are grateful that we were able to spend all day together instead of at the office. One day I’ll take Jon out for a real celebratory dinner and a makeup trip, so his 30thbirthday is really to be continued 🙂 I believe 30 will be his year, and that this next decade will be full of milestones, celebrations, travel, and laughter. I’m so excited for all the birthdays to come! Happy Birthday Jon!! 

25 thoughts on “Celebrating Jon’s 30th Birthday in Quarantine

  1. We were planning a quick trip to Texas as well for 4th of July and backed out of it due to COVID19. Nonetheless, it looked like his birthday turned out pretty well. Happy Birthday to Jon!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we will be able to have our trips to Texas some day 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday John from Mississippi! Have a great time, and remember, in a few years, we will surely look at this as just a blip in our history! (praying!)

    1. Thank you! I agree – one day this will just be a blip in time, fingers crossed!!

  3. Fun blog! And happy 30th to your man. We’ve done three quarantine birthdays at our house now, and they were still fun. I feel like I’ve lived just about everywhere, but the idea of NYC living is intimidating. Every time I go, I can never find a place to just sit down. Exciting city though!

    1. Thank you! I agree – quarantine birthdays are what you make of them! I feel you about NYC – I grew up in Michigan and NYC was the last place I wanted to live, but I love it!

  4. Quarantine birthdays are all the rage these days. I had one in April and my wife will have one this month. Nice job making the best out of a disappointing situation!

  5. You certainly made the lemonade! You really made the best of it. I’m so so sorry your plans were cancelled this year. Here’s to 2021! Also, at least you know you can work with a testing time. I loved the food and balloons. (My birthday plans to travel to Malta were cancelled unfortunately but hey ho. What can anyone do). Stay strong and happy! 😊

    1. Thank you! I agree – here’s to 2021! Sorry Malta got cancelled, hopefully you can go there soon and have a belated birthday celebration!

  6. This is pretty much what we did for our quarantine birthdays in April too – Roberta’s Pizza and that cake from Milk – along with cocktails. Hopefully we don’t have to lock down again for winter.

    1. Roberta’s Pizza is a good choice, I’ve had it Urban Space before. I sure hope there isn’t another lock down again…fingers crossed!

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