Anejo – The Best Mexican Restaurant in Tribeca

Hi friends, hope you all had a great Fourth of July! This weekend was a big milestone for Jon and I, we finally went out to dinner! This was our first time dining out since mid-March, and we were both really looking forward to our date night. A week after the restaurants in NYC were open for outdoor dining, I went to and looked through places I could make a reservation at. My biggest criteria are walking distance (we aren’t taking public transportation currently) and of course raving reviews. I found a Mexican restaurant named Anejo, and it had just what I was looking for! I made a reservation for the Fourth of July at the Tribeca location, but they also have a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m not sure about you all, but the thought of sitting outside with a margarita made my quarantine heart happy 😊

Jon and I walked about a mile from our apartment to Anejo and were immediately seated at our table. The table was in the shade of the building and there was the perfect breeze! We also liked our table because a street sweeper came through at one point and gave everyone seated in the street a nice shower 😉

The menu was available through a QR code you take a picture of on your camera app. The waiter came to our table to take our order, and they also gave us prepackaged place settings and a large pitcher of water. Throughout the dinner, the wait staff kept their distance and wore masks, so I always felt safe. The staff also sprayed down each table in between guests to maintain safety. Usually tables in NYC are uncomfortably close together, so having the extra space was awesome! Besides the masks and more space from the waiters, our dinner felt like any other night out. 

First things first, I can’t go to a Mexican restaurant without ordering a margarita! Jon and I have been making margaritas at home, but they never taste quite as good.

For our appetizer, we ordered the guacamole and it did not disappoint! These chips were delicious and crisp! I love when restaurants make their own chips instead of giving you the dainty little tortilla chips. 

For our entrees, we went with a trio of handheld tacos. The tacos come in pairs, so we decided to split the Pork Tacos, Fish Tacos (beer-battered mahi mahi), and Short Rib Tacos. These tacos were so pretty and also tasted incredibly fresh! 

They also had very thick shells, so the tacos didn’t fall apart. I think the durability of shells is an underrated quality of tacos.

Jon’s favorite was the Pork Taco and mine was the Short Rib Taco, but the Fish Taco was also very delicious! We ate these tacos so fast, but it’s so hard to eat handheld tacos slowly. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the final review! Jon and I would both dine at Anejo again in a heartbeat! The atmosphere was extremely relaxed and enjoyable, and the food was fresh and delicious!! All of the tables were full throughout our dinner which is always a great sign. The service was quick, and they did a great job of maintaining distance and safety, which I appreciated. After dinner, I left with the perfect level of fullness without feeling gross or sluggish. I was so happy to be out to dinner again and would highly recommend dining at Anejo! 

8 thoughts on “Anejo – The Best Mexican Restaurant in Tribeca

  1. This place sounds amazing and makes me so happy. We havent been back to NYC for years but knowing we can do a daytrip and have lunch out makes me believe life will come back. Maybe different, but in some ways maybe better. More room and table side showers sound like a plus and those margaritas look amazing.

    1. So refreshing to go out again! Hopefully cases stay low and we can continue eating out 🙂

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