Wedding Weekend in Chicago

Hi friends, happy Thanksgiving Eve! Today I’m sharing bits and pieces of our quick wedding weekend in Chicago. Jon and I flew from NYC to Chicago late Friday afternoon and then took their version of the subway to our hotel. We stayed at the JW Marriott and it was such a nice room, I’d highly recommend!


Jon and I were famished by the time we got to our hotel and we had been talking all week about going to Giordanos for pizza, so we put in our order and waited the longest hour of our life! The pizza was worth the wait though, and the restaurant was about a block from the hotel.


The next morning, we ventured out for coffee and it was freezing! I didn’t pack the right coat, but I survived. We stopped at Intelligentsia coffee and it was delicious! We both got the iced coffee, it was a little pricey, but it was great coffee.


The purpose of our trip to Chicago was to attend my friend Alex’s wedding. Alex is my best friend Beth’s older sister, I’ve known her since I was three, so it was so nice being part of her special day! She had her ceremony at the Newberry Library and it was beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to share of the ceremony, but it was perfect! She had a string band playing my favorite love songs before she walked down the aisle, and then she walked down the aisle to the song I want to walk down the aisle, so I’ll keep that a secret 😉 It was such a nice ceremony, and she did such a great job planning the entire wedding, no detail went unnoticed. The reception was at The Chicago History Museum and Jon and I had so much fun dancing the night away 🙂


We had a break in between the wedding ceremony and reception so Jon and I headed to Restoration Hardware to catch up with his friends from college. There’s a really cool restaurant and café that we hung out in after wandering through the store. Jon and I hadn’t eaten anything all day because we were still stuffed from the pizza, so we shared a donut and croissant.


The next morning, we drove back to Michigan with my family. It was a really quick trip filled with lots of love and celebrating! The next time I visit Chicago I’ll make sure it’s the summer so it’s warm and I’ll want to do more exploring .

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!! See you next week 🙂



7 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend in Chicago

  1. Feeling such pride at seeing how successful and happy some of my former third graders are doing about 20 years later. I taught all 3 of the Roach kids and 2 of the 3 in your family. Alex has always had the talent of planning events (I still remember her H.S. graduation party.) Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I know you will be decorating your parent’s house for Christmas.

    1. It’s crazy we are all growing up! Even Danny turned into a nice guy haha! She does have a talent of planning 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Decoration pictures to come this week!!

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