Labor Day in Atlanta

Hi friends! Hope you all had the best Labor Day Weekend! Last Labor Day I had to work all day and it was miserable, so I was happy to get out of the city for a relaxing weekend in Atlanta with Jon’s family this year. Jon was able to fly down Wednesday, and I met him Friday because I couldn’t miss work. I had an easy, on-time flight, it’s only about a two-hour flight from NYC to Atlanta. When I got to my room I was surprised with some cute Halloween decorations from Jon and his mom. It was very thoughtful!fullsizeoutput_1efc.jpeg

I slept in until 9:30 Saturday morning, it was an exhausting week! We went to the Alpharetta Farmer’s Market with Jon’s mom and explored. There was a delicious bakery stand so I got a croissant, Jon got avocado toast, and his mom got this blue cheese bread twist.fullsizeoutput_1efffullsizeoutput_1f00fullsizeoutput_1efd

We had to get some cold brew too 🙂 I think there are some farmer’s markets in NYC but they’re pretty chaotic and crowded. It was so nice being able to meander through the Alpharetta farmer’s market and not run into people or hear any honking. It was a great start to our weekend in Atlanta.


We ran some errands and then went to Avalon which a little community with nice restaurants shops, a movie theater, and condos and apartments above all the shops. It’s like its own self-sustaining community, there’s everything you could need except a target. I love Avalon, it’s so fun to walk around and hang out. We went there for dinner after we got engaged.

We had coffee and appetizers at Café Intermezzo. It’s a cute little café and dessert shop in the center of Avalon. We got some coffee (decaf for me!) and then a charcuterie board and some yummy hummus.

Jon’s Caramel Cappuccino


The next day we went to church, and then we hung out with Jon’s sister/my best friend Carly, and then Jon’s mom made salmon for dinner (my favorite!).24BADE11-67E0-4320-A4E2-07FF5D11DA7C

Carly took us back to Avalon to Jeni’s Ice Cream and it was some of the best ice cream that Jon and I have ever had! The line was pretty long, but a standard length for NYC and it was definitely worth it! I got the Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Gooey Butter Cake in a waffle cone. They make their own waffle cones right there and they taste so good!!fullsizeoutput_1f09fullsizeoutput_1f0afullsizeoutput_1f0d

Jon got the Boston Cream pie flavor and Salted Peanut Butter with chocolate flecks.


The three amigos and their ice cream cones ha!


We had such a nice weekend in Atlanta spending time with Jon’s family, it’s crazy that I’ve known them for thirteen years! I didn’t want to go back to reality!! I’ve got six more weeks left of busy season and then things will go back to normal again.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day in Atlanta

  1. I see that you have the same vacation philosophy that I have. When on vacation, ice cream every day. P.S. I saw the menu on the chalkboard. Have you ever tried the nitro brew? I have and did not like it at all.

    1. Yes! Ice cream on vacation is a must!! That’s why I’m so excited for Italy 😋 Jon loves the nitro cold brew, I don’t think I liked it as much as regular when I tried it

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