Weekly Workouts 7/16-7/22

Happy Monday friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We had a nice weekend with Jon’s parents in town. We ate a lot of good food, so I should have some good workouts this week 😀

I had a solid week of workouts, it’s amazing how being back into a routine and staying consistent helps with a workout. We got an email about free yoga in my building so I’m thinking about taking another day off of lifting to only do yoga. I’m getting really close to my maxes and don’t want to burn out my body. Rest days are very important, and yoga has so many great benefits! I haven’t found a place to do yoga here yet, so I’m excited to try a class in my building, especially since it’s free.


  • Monday:
    • Squat:
  • Tuesday:
    • Bench
  • Wednesday:
    • Complete off day
  • Thursday:
    • Deadlift: 200# 3×5
    • Pullups: 3xfailure (5,4,3)
    • Rear delt pull
    • Single arm rear delt
  • Friday:
    • Squat: 160# 3×7
    • Reverse lunge: 95# 4×12
    • Walk
  • Saturday:
    • Bench: 110# 4×5 (first time doing this)
    • Db incline press: 27.5# 4×8
    • Arnold press: 20# 4×8
    • Db fly: 15# 4×8
    • Bicep curl: 15# 4×8
      • Tricep overhead ext: 20# 4×8
    • Lateral raise: 7.5# 4×8
      • Ss plate raise: 25# 4×10
  • Sunday: complete off day

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