Strolling Through Central Park: Part 1

Central Park is such an iconic part of NYC. It’s so much bigger than people think so I figured I would make my strolls through Central Park into multiple posts. There’s so much to do and see there. We stayed along the east side on our stroll this day.


A few weekends ago Jon and I walked through before going to the Apple store. It was a pretty hot day out and so sunny! There were people every where laying out, running, biking, and even a few softball games going on.DSC_0583.JPG

The first thing we saw is Cleopatra’s Needle. We kinda just stumbled across this, I didn’t even know it was in Central Park. Not quite as cool as the Parthenon, but still cool nonetheless. IMG_4224.JPG

There are quite a few ponds throughout the park that were really peaceful. Lots of people were reading around it.


I really liked this little pool with sailboat racing. I’ve seen it before in the movie Stuart Little, but never in person.DSC_0605.JPGDSC_0604.JPG

We also stumbled upon this great view of the skyline! We really need a selfie stick 😂DSC_0608.JPG

What’s your favorite part of Central Park?

3 thoughts on “Strolling Through Central Park: Part 1

  1. The John Lennon “Imagine” memorial. Absolutely moving. However, I have not walked the whole park yet.

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