Schmackery’s – The Best Cookies Near Times Square

Hi friends, welcome back! I have a sweet post for you today 😉 I’ve been on a mission lately to try out fun, NYC dessert spots for my Instagram and Schmackery’s has been on my list for a while. I’d say their cookies are more traditional compared to Levain Bakery and Funny Face Bakery, but with a unique twist on flavors. Schmackery’s bakes over 75 different flavors that rotate daily depending on the season, but the Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Cookies’N’Cream, and Maple Bacon are available every day. You can check which cookies are available daily here.

I went to Schmackery’s in the Theater District on 45th and 9th with the intention of buying five cookies. However, they had a deal of six cookies for $15, instead of $3.25 each, so I figured it was more fiscally responsible to get six 😉 . I picked the Chocolate Chip, Cookies N’ Cream, Oatmeal Scotchie, Confetti, Candy Bar, and S’mores.

Even though I detest going to Times Square because of the pure chaos, it was only a few blocks from the bakery so I thought it would be a cool spot to take some pictures. As I arrived in Times Square, the police dog and his powerful sniffer started to follow me as I stepped aside to get myself organized. I pulled out a cookie from the box, confirming to the officer that I wasn’t a threat, and the handler had to tug the dog to get him to stop focusing on the delicious cookie scent. It made me smile, I would’ve gladly shared with the pup 🙂

With my confetti cookie in hand, I set off to find a good angle. I think I succeeded, but I became quickly overwhelmed by the mass of tourists and set off for the subway. I usually have Jon to hold everything while I get organized and take the perfect picture, but I was a one woman show that day. Do you think I got the shot?

I returned home to the calm and quietness of my apartment and finally got a chance to see all the scrumptious cookies.

I’d highly recommend checking out their website, it’s full of humor and wittiness as you can see from the descriptions I pulled below.

Confetti – Butter, Sugar, Flour…Plus mountains of sprinkles. Topped with our famous frosting.

Cookies N’ Cream – Black cocoa, Oreo cookie crumbs, white chocolate & vanilla frosting. An instant fan favorite.

Candy Bar – A sinfully rich chocolate base packed with Snickers, Butterfinger, toffee bits, Reese’s Pieces & salted caramel!

Sch’mores – Taste the campfire with our honey graham base, packed full of chocolate chunks and topped with roasted marshmallow!

The Classic – Chocolate Chip – Far from average, forever a classic, packed with gourmet chocolate chunks and a hint of coarse sea salt.

Oatmeal Scotchie – This combination of oats, creamy butterscotch, vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon is practically perfection.

These cookies tasted delicious, are made with natural ingredients, and don’t cost an arm and a leg! Schmackery’s can also cater events, design five-layer cookie cakes, and provide nationwide shipping. Of the six we tried, Confetti was our favorite! Be sure to check out Schmackery’s in NYC if you’re looking for a sweet treat!!

25 thoughts on “Schmackery’s – The Best Cookies Near Times Square

  1. Think how much money you would have saved if you bought a dozen! 🍪 Those cookies look fabulous. How could you resist? You got a great shot, but what if you held that cookie up at a wedding. I mean wedding, confetti. Hmmmm. Happy Monday Lyssy. Allan

    1. Now you’re on to something! Maybe when my household is more than two people I will save money buying the 12 🙂 I am going to a wedding this weekend so maybe I should get the most epic picture!

  2. now I have a legit desire to go and bake some cookies when I get home this week. I think you did a great job with the photos. Hopefully one of these days I will have a NYC overnight and get to check this place out. -Jess

  3. I love how your wedding band peeks out from under the cookie in the Times Square shot. Also, “Schmackary” is a perfect name – almost sounds like “bakery”. Finally, HOW could you buy six, but skip the Maple Bacon? Oh MY – sounds the perfect excuse to have a cookie for breakfast! But I forgive you. You tried the Sch’mores instead. THAT one (and – let’s be honest – all of the others) looks amazing.

    1. You’re right – it does sound like bakery. The owner is Zachary Schmahl – “Schmackary”, I think he was born/named to make cookies ha! Next time I go back I will try the Maple Bacon – it was hard to pick. We did try the sch’mores first and it tasted delicious! Loved the gooey marshmallow topping.

    1. I find that some cookies are a bit overrated in the city, although it’s hard to go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie.

  4. Aaaagh Lyssy, what are you doing to me? As I sit here on this overcast Belgrade morning with a coffee, one of those cookies would go down a treat. Thanks for making me aware of this cool bakery. All their goods look wonderful and I do like the name Schmackery’s .

    1. They tasted so incredible! Hmm maybe you’re onto something if you get bored with accounting 🤔

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